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08-09-2011, 15:16
I wanted to try something a little different this time and go with a relatively large amount of small, fast units. The idea is that none of my opponents will be able to seriously outmatch my infantry, and I can use my high speed on most of my troops to pick off units with multiple charges. I don't, however, know if this will work very well. Ideas?

385- Sorcerer lord with level 4, mark of Nurgle, infernal puppet, enchanted shield and Talisman of Preservation

205- Exalted Hero with BSB, Mark of Nurgle, Charmed shield, talisman of Endurance and Bronze Amour of Zhrakk

215- 39 marauders with great weapons standard and musician

332- 17 warriors with shields, full command and mark of Nurgle

230- 5 knights with mark of Nurgle

30- 5 warhounds

30- 5 warhounds

150- Chariot with mark of Nurgle

86- 5 Marauder horsemen with flails, javelins and musician

86- 5 Marauder horsemen with flails, javelins and musician

Total: 1749

16-09-2011, 18:04
Those Marauders would benefit from the 5+ Regen Festus provides and he is Nurgle themed :)

Instead of the chariot, consider a warshrine. They are very handy.

19-09-2011, 08:22
It should also be noted that you cannot have the charmed shield and the bronze armor on the BSB as both are magic armours.