View Full Version : [2000pts] Starting Daemons, need some help

08-09-2011, 16:44
You know, considering Daemons' reputation stemming from 7th and honestly probably continuing into 8th you'd think it'd be much easier to make a list. Here I went opening and closing Army Builder over and over. Anyhow I did come up with something for now.

Herald of Tzeentch: Lore of Life, Spell Breaker, General
Herald of Khorne: BSB, Standard of Sundering
16 Horrors: Full Command, Changeling (bunker for the general and a lil bit of firepower)
30 Bloodletters: Full Command (the main combat block obviously)
16 Daemonettes: Full Command, Banner of Sundering. Thought here is to use them almost like a detachment or picking on weaker units. The stubborn for a turn should really help on those turns when we lose but I want to keep the unit there.
6 Fiends
1 Fiend (Warmachine hunter, assassin)
3 Flamers
3 x 5 Furies (redirectors)

Like I said, not really sure where to go. I had thought about taking a Slaaneshi Siren Song BSB and a big unit of Nettes and smaller unit of letters instead, switching the role. Lure them in and hit them with the fiends or whatever. Thanks in advance for the help!