View Full Version : 1,500 points, Starting Lizardmen

09-09-2011, 01:38
Slann Mage Priest: Focused Rumination, Focus of Mistery, Diadem of Power, Lore of Light

Saurus Scar Veteran: Glyph Necklace, Gold Sigil Sword, Potion of Foolhardiness, BSB, Shield, Light Armor, Great Weapon (backup in case Sword gets destroyed).

29 Saurus Warriors: Full Command, Veteran goes here

10 Skink Skirmishers: Skirmisher Brave

Barbed Razordon unit: 3x Razordon, 4x Handlers

20x Temple Guard: Full Command, Champion has Venom of Firefly Frog

The strategy is to use the two blocks within 12" of each other. A small portion of luck should see the Slann give both of them Time Warp and Speed of Light (any other spell is gravy) to both units. This would give me 3A, I10 WS10 Saurus and Temple Guards. The Razordons serve as a pre-charge Softner, and the skinks provide a small amount of shooting that can hopefully give me a slight edge in the Close Combat Phase. The Slann is geared to dominate the Magic phase regardless of what comes, while the Veteran is focused on survivability. The Gold Sigil Sword, while unnecessary if I get Speed of Light off, is there in case my Slann is either out of range, or fails the casting. I 10 and S5 should give the Veteran some hitting power and the ability to take on a challenge of two.