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09-09-2011, 02:49
Bretonnian Lord: Warhorse, Virtue of Confidence, Armor of Agiluf, Gauntlet of the Duel, Gold Sigil Sword, Dragon's Claw, Shield, Warhorse w/ Barding, Grail Vow
The idea with this guy is to go after the general and massacre all challengers with I10, WS10, and re-rolls to wound and hit in challenges

Prophetess: Lvl 4, Sceptre of Stability, Lore of LIfe (that was all I could give her. Hopefully the blessing of the lady will keep her safe).

Paladin: Grail Shield, Potion of Foolhardiness, Biting Blade, Barded Warhorse, BSB, Grail Vow

Men at Arms x39, Halberds, Full Command (Lady goes here)
Peasant Bowmen x 10, Braziers
Knights of the Realm x 9, Full Command (Lord goes here)

Grail Knights x5, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness

Pegasus Knights x5, Full Command

Questing Knights x9, Full Command, Banner of Chalons (Paladin goes here)

I figured I'd put the horde of Men at Arms in the center, and have the cavalry on the flanks. My thoughts were to use the Pegasus Knights to hunt Warmachines, the other three Cavalry units go after one unit, while the Peasants hold off the other one. Should the Cavalry win, they loop back around and then kick the face in of whatever is fighting the peasants.

I know it's not a competitive list, I don't care. If I decide to play Bretonnia, it'll be purely for fun, and I wouldn't mind losing.

09-09-2011, 09:51

What are the armies you have to face?

Because even if your lord is the best swordsman in the world with only Str4 against a Chaos lord/ Dwarf lord with their 1+ save T5 he will do nothing, even a High Elf prince with a good save on horse will probably laugh at you if he is a bit successful with his armour saves.

If I were you I would give my Bretonnian lord Virtue of Confidence, armour of Agiluf (because this is the theme of your lord) and the +2 strength sword (ogre blade, sorry I don't have the BRB in ENglish). A W10 I6 Str 6 reroll to hit and wound in challenge is quite good IMO.

I prefer to give Virtues over magic items, that's a personal preference this is why I would not give the shield to your BSB, instead I would give him virtue of duty.