View Full Version : Skaven Clan Skryre 2500

09-09-2011, 20:28
Grey Seer, Dispel Scroll, 4+ wardsave, ironcurse icon @ 315

Engineer, lvl 2, doomrocket, condenser @ 150
Chief, BSB, armor of destiny, shield @ 122

48 Slaves @ 96
49 Slaves @ 98
30 Clanrats, mus, poisoned wind mortar @ 189
30 Clanrats, mus, poisoned wind mortar @ 189
60 Clanrats, mus, SB, warpfire thrower, shields @ 352
39 Stormvermin, mus, SB, warpfire thrower @ 358

10 Jezzails @ 200

Cannon @ 90
Cannon @ 90
Catapult @ 100
Doomwheel @ 150

Seer in stormvermin for protection. Slaves are speedbumps for continued firing. Doomwheel holds a flank. Pretty general shooting army that I never run. Any suggestions would be great.

10-09-2011, 00:20
Characters look good.

Yeah generally, looks pretty good.
I'd drop the 10 Jezzails. I don't think they have the ability to make back their high point cost in most situations. Spend the points on 2 more cannons, or some Gutter Runners or another wheel.
Unless they're just there for the theme.

Also I would definitely not put your Grey Seer in the stormvermin. Your one dedicated combat unit should not be harbouring a level 4 wizard. Chuck him in one of the 30 Clanrat units.

the worlds nerd
17-09-2011, 18:52
i think if you get the brake points mission you might struggle with 6 (mainly because it's skaven and they're not the most difficult to kill), but i think following the suggestion of the guy above if you drop the jezzails you could fit in another unit of clanrats with a warpfire thrower maybe? the warpfire thrower also provides great aid in being able to shift units from the watchtower in that scenario, something skaven usually struggle with due to their like of competence in combat.

one last little thing, if it's a true skyre list you shouldn't have a catapult ;D