View Full Version : new ogres: Dragonhide banner question

11-09-2011, 10:21
me and my friend played our first game with the new ogre rules and my friend (the ogre player) claimed that on every sucesfull charge he gets to do a breath weapon attack with the dragonhide banner.
but as far as i know the rules allow a model with the breathweapon special rule to use this breath weapon only once in a game.

so my question is: can the breath weapon be used on every sucesfull charge? or only once on a succesfull charge?

to ask some more questions: is the breathweapon used before the combat start to make use of the always strike last debuff on the enemy unit? or used in the ogres initiative step?

of course i claim that the breathweapon can only be used once ans only in the initiative step of the model wearing the banner, but i dont want to be wrong about this and feel like i am cheating of my friends new ogres. I already had disappointed him by pointing out that grapeshots need a to hit roll to make contact with the enemy before doing any dmg.

11-09-2011, 12:46
Breath weapons are one use only.
The ogres don't need to charge to be able to use the breath weapon from the banner.
Breath weapons are at the initiative of the model using it.