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12-09-2011, 20:05
Grey Seer, Bell, Dispel Scroll @ 465

Chieftain, BSB, 4+ wardsave, ironcurse icon, shield @ 122

50 Slaves @ 100
30 Clanrats, shields, sb, mus, poisoned wind mortar @ 212
30 Clanrats, shields, sb, mus, poisoned wind mortar @ 212
67 Clanrats, shields, sb, mus, warpfire thrower @ 417
48 Stormvermin, mus, sb, flame banner, warpfire thrower @ 431

35 Plague Monks, mus, sb, plague banner @ 290

Catapult @ 100
Doomwheel @ 150

Seer can go in either the large clanrat unit or the stormvermin depending on how deployment goes and what my opponent brings to the table.

Monks and doomwheel hold one flank, while the two small clanrat units and one of the big units as well as most of the shooting holds another flank.

Slaves are there to hold up a unit while I pepper it with the shooting I have.

All suggestions are appreciated. I would like to add a unit of gutter runners (8, poisoned, slings, @ 144) but I can't think of what to drop. Also another unit of slaves would be great, but once again not sure what to justifiably drop if their even is anything.

12-09-2011, 21:22
You could drop a unit of 30 clanrats and 4 clanrats from your larger unit.
This would give you enough points for your gutter runners, as well as a unit of 40 slaves with a musician as well as a musician for your first slave unit. Not sure how much killing power you would lose with this, but it's an idea.

12-09-2011, 21:47
That is actually a very reasonable suggestion. It's basically a gutter runner versus another weapon team arguement. The 34 clanrats versus 40 slaves is almost equal in my opinion although I'd probably drop some stormvermin instead of the 4 clanrats just to make sure my big unit is still plenty big.

the worlds nerd
17-09-2011, 18:43
i personally aren't a massive fan of bells, i prefer to run 2 grey seers allowing my to have both lores giving me spells which means i can react to any army (cracks call, scorch, plague, wither etc) also the double 13th factor is awesome to have when it can be pulled off. i also tend to find canons are too powerful not to field two, or at least one. i also tend to be a person who's not the fondest of palgue monks don't know why with 3 attacks and t4 - probably just my lack of being able to wound with s3 but ah well. but yeah, those could be a thing you could drop for canons/slaves/gutter runners? but if you're one of the many who can actually role well with them then it'd probably be a major loss.