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Cleal Baros
12-09-2011, 20:14
Hi all,

Standard 40k player crossing over to explore WFB with no real clue what he's doing and looking for a little help. After a flick through the rulebook and a few tactica articles I've come up with a very basic 1000pt list to use whilst learning to play but I'd just like to make sure I'm not massivly hindering mself or breaking any rules with my first draft so thought best to ask here.

Paladin, BSB 60

Damsel 70
Level 2
Barded Warhorse

6 x Errant Knights 120
6 x Errant Knights 120

7 x Knights of the Realm 168
(+Paladin & Damsel)

20 Bowmen 120
20 Bowmen 120

Trebuchet 90


As you can see I still have a few points to play around with on banners or magic items and have no doubt made some silly choices so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

13-09-2011, 06:00
Massively hindering? I'd say no. Making the best decisions? Probably not, but hey, for a first list, its definitely better than what mine was. Also, it's against forum rules to post individual point values on the upgrades on models/characters (i.e. warhorse point cost on Paladin, etc.) Total point values are fine though. A few pointers:

>The barding on the damsel's warhorse is generally considered not worth the points. If shes on a horse, shes hidden in a lance unit (a well protected one), and if shes going to need a save, then something went wrong, terribly wrong, and a +5 AS isn't going to help (at least not most of the time).

> On the same note, you need to declare the lore the damsel is using. For a lvl 2 and at this points value, Beasts will work best, particularly the signature spell.

>Best to probably go with a big KotR unit rather than two small KE units. WS 3, LD 7, and the downsides to impetuous mean that if you are going to take KE, go big (12-15), take the Errantry Banner (+1 str on charge, -2 Ld to imp. tests), point them at what they need to wreck, and let them go.

> For five points a unit, braziers can be incredibly helpful on bowmen units for those regenerating or less likely but still possible flammable targets.

Heres a possible sample list with explanations on the choices (and a bit of my ideology):

>Bret Lord 180
lance + shield
Vo Heroism

Provides leadership as the general, and some definite killing ability in form of the virtue of Heroism. You might say he is expensive at this points level, but he provides the ability to deal with monsters and armor.

>BSB 104
G. Greathelm

Basic BSB, greathelm provides a +2 rerollable armor save. At higher point levels, sword of might to provide a higher strength is a good option.\

>Damsel 115
Lvl 2

Provides needed magical support and defense, especially with Wyssan's wildform, the character buffs, and -1 to hit/Dangerous terrain tests hex

>KotR x8 216
Full Command

General goes here. Basic knight block to smash into things. Could be bigger (12ish), but for 1000pts, it works. Full command is usually always good for knight units, as the standard adds combat res (not as important, but it helps) and the musician is there for when you need a swift reform or for that time to tie combat.

>KotR x7 192
Full command

Good place to stash the BSB and damsel. Otherwise, see above.


Most helpful unit for weakening big blocks of troops before you charge in with the lances.

Now, this totals 897pts. You could either
1) Add another trebuchet and give the lord the dragonhelm for a better armor save.
2) Buy more knights! (My favorite option!) Probably best added to the BSB/Damsel unit (to make more effective use of Wyssan's)
3) Add some bowmen for light shooting.
4) Add men @ arms. Probably one of the worse options, as a 100ish points only buys you 20 M@As, and 25 is probably the minimum unit to field, with more being optimal.

Really, in the end, its best to go for more bodies than bells and whistles (magic items/banners) at this points level. Hope this helps!

13-09-2011, 06:32
Really, in the end, its best to go for more bodies than bells and whistles (magic items/banners) at this points level. Hope this helps!

Well said and I agree with more bodies.