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12-09-2011, 20:31
hi warseer

i have a game against vampires next week, and for the life of me i can't settle on a list.

the game is a no holds bar normal game against my local gw manager, now i know he runs at least 1 tool'd up vampire lord, and multiple necromancers but beyond that i'm told he can field anythng. the list that i've come up with atm is as follows

the game will be played on a 4*4 table.

Wood Elf Highborn
Not sure how to arm him yet.

15 Glade Guard (Musician + Standard)
Banner of Eternal Flame

lvl2 Spellsinger (Glamorweave Kindred)
Dispel Scroll

14 Glade Guard (Musician)

6 Tree Kin

Wood Elf Noble (Wild Rider Kindred)
Great Stag
Merciw's Locus + An Annoyance of Netlings

5 Tree Kin

lvl4 Eternal Guard Spellweaver (LoL deck)
Wand of Wych Elm + Talisman of Preservation

27 Eternal Guard (Full Command)
Razor Standard

Total Points: 2431

Lords: 495 / 625
Heroes: 440 / 625
Core: 781 / 625+
Special: 715 / 1250
Rare: 0 / 625

its quite small and elite, which might go against me, but its quite durable in places.

The aim is to run the eternal guard on the left, the 2 treekin in the midde and right with the archers in the middle and the left. The treekin noble is there to hopefully hold up a vampire lord in a challenge, while the treekin punish the unit hes with.

The spellweaver will hopefully keep replenishing fallen models, with priority being the eternal guard then the treekin.

The archers will focus fire 1 unit at a time.

Now i'm an average wfb player and i've got 1 week to tweak the list and make changes, i've got most of the WE models available to me, so please help me modify it.

the gribbly
12-09-2011, 23:21
Why is it that shop owners always seem to play vcs on 4x4 tables? Haha just lucky I guess. Anyway I think your list has a good solid core but the characters could use a few changes, IMO of course. Here is what I would suggest:

Since your utilizing the eternal guard you may as well make them nasty. I would make this unit the focal point and anchor of your army flanked by treekin units.

Highborn- Kit this guy with a GW, AoN, armor of silvered steel, dawnstone. With 4 strength 6 armor piercing attacks 2+ rerollable armor and only hit on 6s he can hang with most things in the game and will challenge away anything that contacts your eternal guard..see below for his ward save. Goes in the front rank of the eternals 5 wide x 6 deep.

Lifeweaver lvl4- this used to be very rare to see but now its fairly common I've heard. Anyway take the rhymers harp + dispel scroll/earthing rod. He will go in the middle of the eternals 2nd rank and stay there safe and protected providing a 5+ ward to all in the unit. This takes pressure off of healing the eternal guard so u can focus on the treekin and hurl dwellers at opposing deathstars etc.

BsB- the most important character in any army and a lynch pin of what I suggest. I would give this guy stone of rebirth, dragonhelm, light armor, wildfire blades. With 4 s4 armor piercing attacks, a 5+/5+ and a 2+ ward after 1 wound hes as good as we can get. He also goes in the eternal unit forcing your lvl4 to the second rank and brings static res 5 and ld10 rerolls to your units.

With these characters you really dont need the other support characters and I would suggest dropping them altogether as our lone characters are usually a liability. Instead I would look to include a couple dryad units as rerollable ld10 dryads are amazing and help greatly vs ethereal units and vargulfs etc. lastly I would squeeze 2 eagles. Posting from my droid so not sure on pts but this should be close. Anyway all just suggestions so good luck and hope this helped.