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12-09-2011, 23:01
Long time Warhammer player coming back for 8th edition and trying my hand at skaven. Gonna be playing around, but mostly against my buddies high elves. Working on some lower point lists and trying out some different things. If anyone could give me some advice and help on what needs to be changed. The first list is a general list with naked grey seer, seeking to dominate the magic phase. The second is a bit more fluffy, playing on my love for moulder and and skweel.

Grey Seer 240

BSB, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone 75

30 Clan Rats St. Bearer, Musician, Shields, Warpfire Throw 217

30 Clan Rats St. Bearer, Musician, Shields 147

41 Slaves Musician 84

40 Slaves Musician 82

Doomwheel 150


This second list like stated earlier, is with Skweel and a bit more fluffy. It is also lacking in the magic phase, at least offensively, and I know a lot of people here aren't so fond of Rat Ogres, but I love them so much, and I feel that at this point level, Rat Ogres buffed from Skweel would be quite killer.

Packmaster Skweel Gnawtooth 108
Light Armor, Hand Weapon, Warp-lash

Battle Standard, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield 75

Warlock Engineer Level 1, Dispel Scroll 90

30 Slaves Musician 62

30 Slaves Musician 62

30 Clanrats
Shields, musician, st bearer 147

30 Clanrats Shields, musician, st bearer 147

6 Rat Ogres 256
2 Packmasters

Rat Dart 23

Rat Dart 23


Comments? Suggestions? Are either/both (hopefully) of these viable?