View Full Version : need help making a 500 point woc army list

12-09-2011, 23:10
the models i own
1 khorne lord on jugger naut
1 chaos lord on daemonic mount/bsb
1 chaos wizard on foot
1 chaos wizard on chaos steed
1 bsb on foot
1 chaos nurgle lord on foot
15 nurgle warriors fc
15 tzeenecth warriors fc
12 slaneesh warriors fc
10 khorne warriors fc
20 marauders hand weapon and shields
20 marauders with flails fc
30 warhounds
2 giants
1 chaos spawn
2 trolls chaos spawn could be used as third troll
10 chaos knights fcx2
daemon prince
this army will be against 7th edition ogres i would really appreciate the help

13-09-2011, 07:22
make a list yourself, best way to learn. then combine it with the advice youll get here and other places and re post the updated list, and gradually distill all the info provided into a list your happy with and go for it.

getting others to make your list and just providing a list of what youve got is...just a bit lazy, sorry but its true. itll take you 5 mins to knock up a list from that lot, include proxies and you can make almost anything.

13-09-2011, 11:41
thanks sorry bout that i know how to make one just dont know what to put in it

14-09-2011, 00:17
At 500 points, a level 1 sorcerer with a couple items, a unit of marauders and a unit of warriors. Maybe some warhounds.

15-09-2011, 02:05
k thanks theonehawk