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13-09-2011, 15:19
Ogre Kingdom Army List

This is supposed to be a fun list that is super elite. Origionaly I wanted to take as many Mournfang as I could, but this is the army that developed.

I really like the magic items for the Slaughtermaster, but I am not sold on the Hunter so any suggestions would be nice. Also any suggestions for the entire army would be nice as well.

It is designed to hit hard and provide mobility and board control. I would like to be able to get my Slaughtermaster in combat with enemies wizards as quickly as possible to make them forget their spells, but I will have to see how well it works.

Slaughtermaster 385
Level 4 with Glittering Scales, Fencer’s Blades and Greedy Fist

Hunter on Stornhorn 430
Harpoon Launcher, Sword of Anti-Heroes, Potion of Foolhardiness, and Enchanted Shield


Ironguts 6 343
Full Command and Dragonhide Banner

Ironguts 6 283
No Musician


Mournfang Cavalry 6 465
Banner of Eternal Flame, Heavy Armor and Fists

Ironblaster 170
Ironblaster 170
Thundertusk 250

Total 2596 points

13-09-2011, 16:50
The hunter has an ironfist and enchanted shield, I don't think that is allowed.

The Satyr
13-09-2011, 16:54
The hunter has an ironfist and enchanted shield, I don't think that is allowed.Neither is IF and Harpoon gun, drop the IF

13-09-2011, 17:03
Oh okay. That was just an error on my part. So 2496 points. I will edit the initial post as well.