View Full Version : Based on what I have painted. 2000pts

Getifa Ubazza
13-09-2011, 18:41
Tyrant: great weapon and heavy armour 227pts

Bruiser: ahw and heavy armour 112pts

Butcher: upgraded to level 2 and great weapon 144pts

9 Orges: ironfists and full command 318pts

5 Ironguts: full command 245pts

6 Leadbelchers: thunderfist and bellower 278pts

4 Yhetees: greyback 186pts

Gorger 90pts

Giant 200pts

Giant 200pts

I built and painted this for the last army book and just updated it for this one. Help me make it better please?

13-09-2011, 19:26
id start by bumping the ironguts up to match the bulls.
grab 2 leadbclchers for 2 units of 4 both with musicians.

personally id drop the tyrant and use a lvl4 Slaughtermaster

maybe instead of 1 giant and gorger, use a scrap laucnher and an ironblaster (:

grab a firebelly!