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13-09-2011, 22:05
Most of the armies that I see range in the 1500pt range and up, but as a newbie to the game I'm trying to start small and work my way up. The only problem is, the heroes and units that I really like I don't really see come up often. I've pulled together a list for 750 points based off of what I have access to right now and what I'll be getting shortly, and was wondering how well it would do on the field, or potentially what would be a better to put on the table at that small of a points range.

Currently I'm looking at:

40 Clanrats + Musician
25 Clanrats + Musician
20 Stormvermin, full command, storm banner
Tretch Craventail
5 Jezzail weapons team, sharpshooter

If I'm doing the math correctly, it should keep me 12 points under the 750 range which I already have a problem with. I've considered swapping out Slaves for Clanrats, but my general feeling is that the two are more or less interchangeable and my plan of being able to deliver Craventail from one unit to another would be made easier by simply keeping more Clanrats on the table.

Most of the posts I've been seeing (that aren't zealously for one type of gameplay or another) encourage the use of magic, and most heroes in the game seem extremely expensive for what they do, but I really enjoy the abilities Tretch brings to the board and would like to field him one way or another instead of a far more aggressive (albeit more competitive) hero like Queek. I also like Jezzail teams a lot, and in my mind having ten attacks at a 36' range may make up for the fact that I'm not throwing down any magic.

Realistically should I be looking to drop my favorite hero, or is there a way to get this to work (and work well) at such a low point score? I've yet to play a game yet as I'm still getting everything together, but I've been spending quite a bit of time pouring over units, rules (and consequently these forums) to try and see what direction I should be taking before dropping down any cash. Any and all criticism would be greatly appreciated.

13-09-2011, 22:27
You can do it at this level, though most people would just take all slaves to swamp their opponent. A basic wizard is nice to have as he acts like a mobile and cheap warmachine, thats why many take them (I take 2 engineers lol). But for the cost of the jezzails or Craventail, you could: 1. take and upgrade an engineer to lvl 1 wizard (lvl 2 if you drop craventail) or 2. take a chieftan instead of Craventail; its half the cost of a warlord and you still get decent stats and can take some items.

A warp lightning cannon is nice at any pt range but you'd have to drop the jezzails. Right now, there's mixed feelings on the jezzails but if they work well for you then keep it and try it out.

13-09-2011, 22:31
Firstly: Drop the Jezzails. Unless you love the models or the concept of them so much that you just have to take them, don't take them. They only get 1 shot each, so that's 5 shots in total every round which will be hitting on 4's or 5's (3's or 4's in the Sharpshooters cases) Which equals approximately 3 hits per turn which will then become most likely, 2 or 3 wounds.

Which all sounds "okay", but you could get so much better things for those 100pts. The best example would probably be a Warp Lightning Cannon.
While Jezzails are best used to take down monsters or heavily armoured stuff (and they're not too great at that job either), the Warp Lightning Cannon can take out those monsters and armoured guys and hordes of light troops. It's much more versatile, has a much higher damage output and costs a few points less.

So that would be my no.1 suggestion, drop the Jezzails, get a cannon - unless you just really like them for non-tactical reasons.

With those saved points and the 12pts you already had, get a little rat dart (5 Giant Rats and a Packmaster) they make awesome deployment drops and are great for controlling the movement phase.

Don't worry about your lack of magic. At this points level magic is just devastating and you'll make a lot of friends by not having any, but the weakness should be counterbalanced by the Warp-Lightning Cannon which is a fairly ridiculous little gun.
Then again if you dropped the Storm Banner, which probably won't help much at this points level anyway, and the Rat Dart I mentioned I think you could squeeze in a level 1 warlock.

Just my 2c.

14-09-2011, 01:34

Hm, I was under the impression that the Jezzails got 2 attacks which I figured wouldn't be as bad. But I suppose having more than one attack would have to be a special rule then, and not something specified in their profile. If that's the case then I'll definitely consider the Warp-Lightning Cannon.

Does a lack of a magic banner really not matter at this point range? I figured that having it would narrow down the amount of shooting that could come my way, but if realisticly my units won't be taking too much fire than dropping the Jezzails and banner would open up quite a few points. If I'm understanding the rules correctly (and it could very well be that I'm not) I only have 25% of the point range to play with for heroes, and as I would be using a 145 point hero already (Tretch) that would rule out taking just about anything else since my maximum points I could allot to a 'Hero' would be 187(.5). This means no Engineer, unless I am mistaken.

My apologizes in advance for being fuzzy on point costs, I'm still unsure about quite a few things when it comes to WHFB.

14-09-2011, 02:43
Okay thats right, lower point value so you couldn't take the engineer as a wizard or with many upgrades (I was thinking 1k pts still srry), so don't worry about it if you're serious on taking craventail. If you need protection from missile attacks, don't forget the shadow magnet up grade; its cheaper than the storm banner (but obviously with less protection) but that requires a unit that can take them. And like ftayl5 said, the warp lightning cannon is still a good idea.