View Full Version : Versatility or stopping power? Thunderers v. Quarrelers

13-09-2011, 22:47
So I am a new Dwarf player, and the most taxing question has been whether to go with Quarrelers or Thunderers.

As I see it - Thunderers have sheer stopping power as their advantage, with S4, AP, and a +1 to hit. My two most common opponents are Chaos and Lizardmen. The S4 and -2 to armor will go a long way in thinning ranks before I get in CC with either.

Quarrelers, while not punching as hard can be equipped with great weapons for comparable points to Thunderers. They also have a little more range, but without that plus 1 to hit. The real advantage I see here is with the Great weapons they could be upgraded to Rangers and be able to survive being on the receiving end of an assault (or at least take more people with them than if the Thunderers get too close).

13-09-2011, 22:48
When taken as a horde I would go with quarrellers.

When taken as a unit of 20 for watchtower I would take thunderers w/ shields.

13-09-2011, 23:38
I personally prefer the quarreler great weapon & shield set up. The extra range and CC hitting power, as well as added resilience to ranged attacks makes them preferable to me.

I don't usually use thunderers, but when I do, I take them in very small units due to their more limited uses.

14-09-2011, 00:36
I'm more of a Quarrellers sort myself, but that's mostly a theme thing for me... No black powder, more of an historical force... :)

14-09-2011, 02:04
Quarrellers with great weapons.

Your war machines will do the real damage anyway, as long as you are still able to take +strength runes.

All your infantry should have great weapons. It makes them too sharp a target for cav or monsters to consider and even small elites will think twice.

14-09-2011, 08:13
When I use them, I use 20 Quarellers with GW and the Ranger Upgrade.

The Ranger upgrade is a god-send as it allows you to place them after the enemy has deployed, and thier Xbows and GW's allow them to present both a shootign and a decent combat threat. Or if you are playing watchtower, they neatly fit into the tower :D

14-09-2011, 12:52
I'm a big fan of the Quarreller's versatility, however, my armies tend not to be overly heavy on shooting so Thunderers aren't the best fit for my normal play-style (though I do still take them from time to time as I have the models).

Quarrellers are pretty dreadful at long-range shooting, better per model than lots of other shooting units, but they're never usually numerous enough to make that much of an impact at range. Thunderers meanwhile are devastating thanks to that extra +1 to hit and bonus to ignoring armour on more elite infantry or cavalry.

So it is literally a case of what your army needs; if you need good mid-range stationary firepower then Thunderers are ideal, though always remember that an Organ Gun can do as much as, if not more, damage per-turn than a unit of 20 Thunderers for a fraction of the cost, but it's less reliable at the same time.

Quarrellers meanwhile are best, strangely, when you slap Great Weapons onto them and move them up with your combat troops. Their ability to Stand and Shoot deters some enemy chargers, and if properly supported they can receive a charge if necessary, but they're also great supporting chargers themselves. Also, at any time they can choose to shoot instead of move, especially useful if the battle-lines are becoming a mess and they're struggling to get anywhere, or you just have to weaken a unit that you know they won't reach in time. It's also a good extra if they're in a combat that has been won, as their free combat reform can aim them ready to fire in their next turn to support a pending combat that they may not otherwise be able to influence, or just to cause merry hell on the better range of targets they ought to have at closer range. You pretty much don't want to fire with them unless you can get to within short-range, though there are always exceptions.

Thunderers with shields are nasty for holding a Watchtower, but if they don't fit into your army the rest of the time then it's a bit of a waste. Plus, for 15 points per model you could get a Quarreller with Great Weapon, Shield, and Ranger upgrade, making them just as able to take ranged punishment, far more able to dish some out in return in close combat, and at close range they're not that much less effective at shooting compared to the Thudnerers. They may die a little quicker, but personally I think that the extra damage they do in return is better, as if the enemy does overwhelm them, you'll have a much easier time getting rid of the enemies in return :)
Plus, with them being Rangers, you can still use them for useful roles in your normal army, as having them set up even a short distance in advance of your force gives them the chance at one or two extra rounds of short-range shooting while the rest of your army marches in.

14-09-2011, 15:52
I don't rate either very high vs the warmachines you could buy for the same points. I tend to take 10 Quarrellers purely to wipe out dogs, last 1-2 models from unit, skaven weapon teams but that's it. The range and lower points is enough for me.

14-09-2011, 16:19
First - thank you everyone for your input!

Second - So from what people are saying I'm thinking (not very much, but I'm thinking) maybe to get a big block of Quarreler rangers w/ GW as my main quasi-shooty block of infantry, and at higher point games maybe have two small units of Thunderers around to soften or crack open heavy infantry. Sound good?