View Full Version : Stonehorn frenzy?

Andy p
14-09-2011, 16:39
Ok so we all know that the Stonehorn gets 3D3 impact hits when it sucessfully charges and +3 onto that if the two highest roll a 10+.

What I want to know is how does this work with frenzy? Frenzy is merely an extra attack, it isnt really outright stated whether it is close combat or not. This confuses me a little as it would mean that it is disregarded when making the earth shattering charge, or the Stonehorn would always do 3D3+1 attacks.

I am assuming from the way the frenzy rule reads in the BRB that you would disregard the attack when doing the Stonehorn's impact hits but:

Which one is right?

14-09-2011, 16:48
Frenzy gives a model the Extra Attack and Immune to Psychology special rules along with the sub rule Berserk Rage. The Extra Attack special rule increases a models Attack characteristic by +1. So no, Frenzy would not effect Impact Hits.

14-09-2011, 16:49
Frenzy adds an extra attack, not an extra impact hit.

So you only get the +1 attack in the second round of combat.

Andy p
14-09-2011, 18:16
Good, that's what I thought, thanks everyone :D.

ps: Also if it seems I have been asking a lot of stupid, obvious questions lately, it's because I tend to play against some who use any little twisting of the rules to their advantage and while people on a forum are hardly the law when it comes to rules, it is still better to get a majority view on these things.