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14-09-2011, 20:49

I'm wondering how I'm allowed to split attacks when fighting monstrous infantry like ogres and trolls...

Lets say that I got a dreadlord that is in base to base with 2 ogres. The dreadlord is armed with the chillblade.

Can I then opt to split my attack so I swing 2 times at each ogre? Im asking, because the chillblade will stop the wounded model from attacking, and if I can split attacks to hit 2 different ogres it would be great!

Thanks for answers!

14-09-2011, 21:40
The rules aren't great at keeping track of effects that affect individual rank-and-file models. Anything you and your opponent can agree on is the best solution, really.

However, should you disagree, bear in mind that the wounds caused against multi-wound models are typically added up so that you remove whole models where possible. The most direct implementation of this would be that there is (at most) one "wounded" by the chill blade rank-and-file model in the unit, and that will be the first model to die when the next few wounds are taken.

Individuals such as champions and characters are a lot easier to keep track of, of course.

14-09-2011, 22:22
Aha I got it!

I'll try to get my character into both champion and a regular dude, and split between them then ^^

14-09-2011, 22:27
I would say you could, so long as the ogres are in different units, or one of those ogres are a character. Otherwise, both wounds go on a single model unless that model dies from the wounds.