View Full Version : 2000pts of Dark Elves for tournament!

14-09-2011, 21:43
Hi there guys I have a tournament coming up at the end of the month in my local store and have decided to use some dark elves! Would really appreciate any sort of advice or criticism u could give me on this list.

Supreme sorceress. 285pts
Level 4

Death hag. 225pts

10 XBows. 100pts

10 XBows. 100pts

14 warriors (dagger fueling bunker) 105pts
Banner of discipline

30 corsairs. 350pts
Full command
Sea serpent standard

30 witch elves 325pts
Full command

20 Black Guard. 335pts
Full command
Crimson death
Flaming banner

Hydra. 175pts

So there we have it! Please feel free to change whatever u see fit! Also if anyone has a cool idea how I could represent corsairs in a cult of slaanesh list please let me know.


14-09-2011, 23:15
Musicians in the xbows would be nice.

You could use daemonettes as Corsairs?

25 Corsairs will be enough I think.

The Black Guard will be better with the Banner of Murder. I think you might have also added them up wrong by 5pts? Just off the top of my head.

With the Black Guard and Corsairs I don't think you need a third block. I'd split the Witches into 2 units of 6-8, and use the left over points to either fund a level 1 fire mage or some shades.

14-09-2011, 23:41
Thanx for that. I did have a lv 1 in there but had to drop it for points! If I were to drop the witches down how would u suggest using them? Speed bumps or cruise missiles! Iv not used dark elves much at all I'm more used to warriors of chaos! And I was also thinking of demonetts but was hoping someone would have a different idea! Oh and by the way iv been following Ur bat reps for a while so ill take in what Ur saying!

15-09-2011, 01:56
Thanks :)

Units of 6 Witches work really well as cruise missiles- with 3 attacks basic, they give you options for either Killing Blow or Mindrazor, and you can happily throw them at 12" charges- if one of those connects with a gribbly, it had better have I7 or better or they'll remove it in a phase with Mindrazor. I did a similar thing to a Wight BSB recently, threw a unit of 9 Witches in and Mindrazord him off. They have a really good pts pay-off.

They're also good for forcing your opponent to waste an entire unit or magic missile killing 60pts that won't run away and can pack a punch with even a couple of models left.

It's also great to have a couple more chaff deployments, I currently have 5. It's so nice to be able to pick which enemy units you want the Black Guard/Corsairs to run into :)

They also make great speedbumps, and it you keep them within 12" of the Cauldron your opponent has to kill them all or they get held up by Stubborn 8 re-rollable throwaway.

I've only started using the pair of small units recently, but they're really growing on me- I feel like 8 is the optimal number for them, but 6 could work as well I think.

Also, Mantic are soon releasing their Twilight Kin (Dark Elf) range, so they will likely have some models that might be more to your taste. So far they only have a sorceress up on their website, but she is just a fantastic model...