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15-09-2011, 08:36
Ok, 2400 point list here. I've not put the magic items on the shaman yet as I'm still thinking about it but here is a list:

General: Snagla Grobspit (Spider Rider hero special character) 115 points.

Level 4 Goblin Great Shaman, on an arachnarok spider, some magical stuff (allowance of 89 points)600 points

Goblin BSB on a spider, spider banner, light armour, shield and spear 166 points

50 spider riders, full command 680 points

50 spider riders full command 680 points

10 spider riders full command 160 points

It's a small sized horde army! 2 hordes of spiders supported my magical giant spider fella and 10 more spiders to harrass! Opinions?

To make this army I reguire 32 more spider riders, or I drop the unit of 10 for another gobbo hero on a spider meaning I nead 23 more spider riders.
Also having looking at the brb, it doesn't mention fast cavalry not having rank bonuses anymore?!?! So I'd still get rank bonuses for hordes of fast cavalry! I'm really tempted with this silly army!

15-09-2011, 08:59
I see that You like same crazy ideas like me... :)

And yes, fast cavalry gets the rank bonus, and can be even steadfast.

I suggest to split that unit of ten spiders into two of five with only musician.

15-09-2011, 09:06
I considered that, also to give them bows, that way they would be able to harass warmachines etc.