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15-09-2011, 09:14
Hi this is my first tournament with Empire, usually i play O&G but thought a change in tactics would be nice.

My list:

Arc Lector 125p "Archibald"
Unsure as to which magic items to put on him, he is also the armys general.
Thinking about The mace of helsturm(60)+Dawn armor(35)+Initiative potion(+5) just to see how they work. + shield(3).
Total cost 228.p

Total Lords 228.p

Wizard lvl 2 "Coin the Sourcerer"
With rod of power unsure about which lore to pick, light or life,
Total cost 130.p

Captain BSB "Master Sgt.Ripley"
With Armor of meteoric iron, and the crimson amulet, with great weapon.
Total cost 124.p

Engineer "Leo"
Total cost 65.p

Total heroes 319.p

Halberdiers x50 full command possibly with the AL.
Total cost 270.p

Flaggelants x30 with martyr (counts as core when i have a AL included in the army
Total cost 310.p

Total Core 580.p

Mortar x 2
Cannon x 1
Total cost of siege engines 250.p

Pistoleers x5 with outrider with repeater pistol and musician
Total cost 104.p

Total special 354.p

Total 1481

What to do what to do?

19-09-2011, 08:21
Had a test battle this weekend with this list, and it performed very good vs. O&G. Flaggelants hits hard round one of combat and killed 16 of his 18 Black Orcs, and halberdiers stood their ground the whole game. The mortars had some solid hits against his blocks of infantry. Pistoleers did their job but swallowed a doom diver coming down on them, the cannon took care of his nasty rock lobba and his mangler squig.

All in all a solid win, all i lost was the pistoleirs and the wizard, my AL almost took out his BSB in the duel, but his 5++ WS saved him.

I was lucky enougt to pull battle for the pass this test round, maybe it will be worse with battlelines?