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15-09-2011, 09:43
I got bored one day and started thinking of stuff that could happen in to world of 40k (part of campaign as well) and I thought 'What if Daemons and Nids melded together?' or something like that.
think it would be possible in anyway even if you change it a bit just wanted to see what we could all come up with.

15-09-2011, 11:20
Sure, model wise I think that it could look cool. Look at the Brass Scorpian. Think of that but less machine and more chaos-bug! But fluff wise? No way.

15-09-2011, 13:31
Incidently, I seem to remember in the daemonhunters codex (under they 'why would daemon hunters fight X' section, one example (I seem to remember) was just this - the nids ate some chaos stuff and were tainted as a result.

Eddie Chaos
15-09-2011, 13:58
Doesn't the nid codex imply that the reason the hive wont reabsorb the Ymgarl Geanstealers is that they are corrupted by chaos? If I'm remembering that right then it seems the Hive mind doesn't take too kindly to corrupted nids.

All Cing Eye
15-09-2011, 14:11
I don't think its mentioned anywhere that the Ymgarl Genestealers are Chaos tainted. Just that they were an experimental strain of Genestealer.

15-09-2011, 14:18
It was noted in one of the Tyranid codex’s that a fleet of Tyranids emerged from the Warp horribly mutated far away from previous invasions; it was assumed that the Hive mind might have deliberately directed the fleet through the warp even with the risk of mutation to attack new targets.

15-09-2011, 16:13
You get ork hybrids so a warp affected hybrid would not be to hard to see...

That or eating nurglings, that would do it.

Delta Echo
15-09-2011, 18:15
Can someone cite specific examples and references of warp/chaos mutated Nids?

No where in the fluff is it stated or even implied that Ymgarl Stealers are warp/chaos tainted. I would just consider them a "divergent evolution" strain of Genestealers allowed to reproduce generation after generation without being influenced or reabsorbed by any Hive Fleets. As for the reason of the Hive Mind for not wishing to reabsorb them, that can be left open for debate as there is really no fluff (that I have seen) that supports any one particular view.

Maybe the Hive Mind doesn't like the unstable nature of the Ymgarl Stealer's DNA. Hive Mind likes creating/crafting organisms to fit a particular purpose, maybe Ymgarl genetics bring too much of a "X factor" into the equation...

Maybe Ymgarls are a Hive Mind experiment (either created or discovered) to see the how Stealer's would evolve without their influence.

Warp mutation is a possibility as well I suppose. I don't see Tyranids having souls persay, thus demonic possession shouldn't be too likely. As I understand it, the warp can alter anything though... biological or otherwise.

15-09-2011, 18:20
Made a thread like this a while back, and the general answer was that Daemons had no DNA to absorb for the Nids. I would still love to see someone make a Hive Tyrant/Bloodthirster :D It would be epic

15-09-2011, 19:06
I wrote a bit of background for campaign with my chaos guard a while back, where i said that they were trying to capture certain 'nid creatures, reasoning that they were the perfect bodies for deamons to possess, having no souls to supress.

This assumes the link to the hive mind can be severed somehow of course, because the whole point of the shadow in the warp and by extension the hive mind is that it supresses the warp, which is the very stuff that deamons are made from

15-09-2011, 19:11
Made a thread like this a while back, and the general answer was that Daemons had no DNA to absorb for the Nids. I would still love to see someone make a Hive Tyrant/Bloodthirster :D It would be epic

Yeah, how could you absorb something that isn't really... physical?

15-09-2011, 20:17
Yeah. You couldn't have Nids absorb Daemons. Maybe Daemons could possess nids if prepared properly.

16-09-2011, 02:37
Page 17, grey knight codex, the pandemonium of sondheim.
A daemonic incursion during a tyranid attack and mentions the nightmarish fusion of daemon and tyranid.

Also I'm pretty sure there was something in one of the timelines of an older codex about tyranids absorbing daemon flesh on a planet but can't think of which one.

16-09-2011, 15:23
Genestealer chaos cults.

That is all.

16-09-2011, 16:49
And then there are the Iron Warriors...

16-09-2011, 22:16
Iron Warriors infected a Hive Ship once using the Obliterator Virus. I don't recall that resulting in any increased power, but it did allow the Iron Warriors to control it.

IMHO the most reasonable way for this to happen would be with Hive Mind controlled daemon hosts/possessed. It's relatively common in the fluff for a daemon/chaos marine to coexist in the same body, and which ever one has the stronger will power has control. If I were the Hive Mind, I would strategically pull back synapse from my warriors, allowing them to become possessed and gaining the advantages thereof, but then rapidly cover them in synapse again and then control the daemon with the inexorable weight of my mental might.

16-09-2011, 22:38
Yeah, how could you absorb something that isn't really... physical?

There was a group of Kroot that ate Slaaneshi troops and turned multi-coloured as a result, so the same principals can be applied to the nids. Rather than eating daemons, they could eat corrupted flesh and absorb the taint.