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Da Once & Future Git
15-09-2011, 10:26
hey guys,

Here's a skaven list i am thinking of making... i haven't played any 8th fantasy, enjoyed vampires in 7th, but have sorta lost interest in them... Skaven are an army that i have always loved (my favourite are probably Eshin, but i don't think they play well as an army (i see them more as spies or special forces teams like in mordheim), then i saw the Horrors of Hellpit list!! wow! that looked so awesome, pity it was unofficial :(

so then the new book came out... oh the options!! first i was going to go a pestilen themed list with just 3 units of slaves for core... then 8th came & there went that idea :(

So now here is my new idea, a mix of moulder & skyre...

Warlord - Warplock augmented weapon, Charmed shield, Foul pendant, Portents of Verminous Doom, Rt Ogre Bonebreaker - 255

Chieftain - BSB, shield, Sacred banner of the Horned Rat - 142
Warlock Engineer - Doomrocket, Warp energy conducter - 150

38 Stormvermin - Full command, Ratling gun - 346
39 Clanrats - Full command, Ratling gun - 250.5
10 Giant Rats & 2 Pack masters - 46
10 Giant Rats & 2 Pack masters - 46

6 Rat ogres & 3 Pack masters - 264

1 HPA - Warpstone spikes - 250
1 Doomwheel - 150
1 Warp Lightning Cannon - 90

Comes to 1989.5, not sure about the giant rats, would 2 units of 2 Rat swarms be better? or 2 units of slaves? they are there as charch re-directors put them in front of a unit at an odd angle they have to charge or sit there & be shot more... when they kill they have to hold & re-form or pursue & get flanked charged...
Giant Rats + slightly cheaper, better S&T, 2 more attacks
- each kill reduces attacks, loss of packmasters
Rat swarms + unbreakable, small (ratling guns can shoot over),need to do 5 wounds before loss of effectiveness
- Unstable (so a decent unit should kill on the charge...) small (enemies can shoot over)
Slaves + cornered rats, expendable, shoot into cc, super cheap/model
- rubbish stats, slightly slower, can hurt me with cornered rats (like ratling gun...)
Opinions please!!

tactics, 2 blocks in the middle, rat ogres for another block/heavy flanker. HPA & doomwheel hammer flankers... cannon shoots. thinking that the wheel & cannon will be amazing against ogres!!
I chose Ratling guns as they are probably the best at dealing with small units such as skimishers, light cav, 1 cat sabertusks, etc

for 2.25, i'll add a Greyseer with some stuff...

15-09-2011, 11:10
Firstly, split the 2 Giant Rat groups into groups of 5 rats and 1 packmaster, they're much more efficient deployment drops and charge redirectors this way and if they die, they only cost 23pts!
Otherwise... looks pretty good, I'd trade one of the ratling gins for a flame thrower but that's your choice.

Da Once & Future Git
16-09-2011, 03:03
cheers for the imput, i thought about having tiny units of 5, the only thing is that they cause panic yeah? would that become a problem? i know my blocks are ld10 with a bsb, but still i've seen that run before... (thankfully i was the one that caused them to flee!!), i'd also hate to see the HPA run from panic!!

do you think the blocks are big enough? mainly the stormvermin (as i'd like to run as horde)... ? also how to keep the bsb alive? his banner is amazing!! -2 ld combined with the protents, + they have to re-roll ld checks (works nicely with the fearful bonebreaker!!) but i don't want to lose him... :( i think this is the best he can do (4+ & parry) any hints or tips?

16-09-2011, 06:03
I would personally swap the Doomwheel and WLC for anouther hellpit. Two is awesome, and fluffy.

I also think that the storm vermin are very expensive. I'd rather in invest tge points in slaves and clanrats.

But looks good.


Da Once & Future Git
16-09-2011, 12:57
I agree 2 hpa's would be amazing... however i would like some variety which tends to also increase both players enjoyment!

alrighty... thinking of scrapping the giant rats completely, & making one of the ratling guns a warpfire team (to burn whatever the slaves are in cc with!!)

cheers for any advise!!