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15-09-2011, 18:48
Scenario: Watchtower
Date Played: 5th September 2011

This was the first game in our mini-tournament where we would be playing through all of the scenarios from the BRB. We rolled to see if we would be starting from scenario #1 or #6 - and you can see the result above :)

As this was the first game, we hadn't yet learned exactly what each other had taken. In subsequent games we obviously became more aware of each others little tricks/trinkets.

Clan Skrit


[GS] Grey Seer, Talisman of Preservation, Skalm (315pts)
[WLR] Warlord, Warlitter, Shield, Warlock Augmented Weapon (173pts)


[BSB] Chieftain, Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd (72pts)
[WE] Warlock Engineer, Doomrocket (45pts)


[SV] 36 Stormvermin, Fangleader, Standard Bearer, Musician (277pts)
[WFT] Warpfire Thrower (70pts)
[CR] 23 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields (123.5pts)
[SS] 47 Skaven Slaves Musician (96pts)


[PM] 40 Plague Monks Bringer-of-the-Word, Standard Bearer, Musician, Plague Banner (335pts)
[GR] 6 Gutter Runners Slings, Poisoned Attacks (108pts)


[DW] Doomwheel (150pts)
[HPA] Hellpit Abomination (235pts)

Total: 1999.5pts

Vampire Counts


[VL] Vampire Lord, Level 3, Talisman of Preservation, Earthing Rod, Helm of Commandment, Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore (Beasts) (440pts)


[WK] Wight King, Battle Standard Bearer, Drakenhoff Banner, Great Weapon (235pts)
[N] Necromancer, Level 1 (Invocation of Nehek), Sceptre of Stability (70pts)


[SW] 23 Skeleton Warriors, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician (204pts)
[G] 39 Ghouls, (312pts)
[CC] Corpse Cart, Unholy Loadstone (100pts)


[BK] 10 Black Knights, Standard Bearer, Musician, Barding, Standard of Strigois (339pts)
[FB1] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)
[FB2] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)


[V] Varghulf (175pts)

Total: 1995pts

As you can see neither of us was prepared to occupy the tower from the start, but it proved a very interesting game!

15-09-2011, 18:50

With neither army capable of occupying the watchtower from the beginning, the roll for first turn would be pretty important. The Vampires won - doh!

The large horde of Ghouls predictably took up position right in front of the watchtower, while the rest of the undead army setting up on the right flank (as you look at the map).

The Skaven responded by putting both Plague Monks and Stormvermin in positions where they could threaten the tower. The Stormvermin were also set up to take on the Black Knights if needed.

Lastly, the Gutter Runners used their scout ability to set up on the Vampire Counts far left flank - mainly as the only safe gaps on the right flank were 1" too small to fit the whole unit!

The Skaven failed to steal the initiative and so the Vampire Counts would take the first turn.

Grey Seer: Cracks Call, Death Frenzy, Vermintide, Curse of the Horned Rat
Vampire Lord: Lore of Beasts (Forbidden Lore), Invocation of Nehek
Necromancer: Invocation of Nehek

15-09-2011, 18:52
Turn 1 - Vampire Counts

Sadly I didn't get many pictures of the movement in the first couple of turns. However basically everything moved forwards - in particular the Ghouls surged as quickly as possible towards the tower.

On the left flank, the one unit of Fell Bats flew over the heads of the Gutter Runners.

In the magic phase the Vampire started (and ended) the turn with an irresistible force casting of Wissans Wildform on the Fell Bats to the far right flank.

The resulting miscast killed several Skeletons and even wounded both the Necromancer and the Vampire Lord himself! It also drained the remaining power dice :)

15-09-2011, 18:53
Turn 1 - Clan Skrit

The Plague Monks moved up towards the tower, and the Skaven Slaves moved up in support.

On the right flank, both the Hellpit Abomination and the Doomwheel surged forwards with above average rolls, however neither could make it into combat.

The Stormvermin moved up to put the pressure on the Black Knights, while their weapon team moved into position to coat the tower with scorching flames in later turns.

The Gutter Runners passed their test to march, and moved away from the Fell Bats - either not feeling they were a threat, or forgetting they were there :)

Once the movement phase was over I realised that I had missed a trick with the Hellpit Abomination - given the distance it had covered it may have been able to prevent the Ghouls from entering the tower next turn. However I couldn't have known quite how far it would move. Hindsight is great!

In the magic phase the highlight was getting Death Frenzy on the Stormvermin who were facing off against the Black Knights.

In the shooting phase the Doomwheel failed to wound the Fell Bats - who had been augmented with Wissans Wildform in the Vampires first turn!

The Gutter Runners tried to use their poisoned slings for some long range shots on the Corpse Cart, but failed to do any damage with their tiny little pebbles! :)

Then the Warlock Engineer lighted the fuse/tail of his Doomrocket which landed in between the Ghouls, Skeletons and Corpse Cart. In total 5 Ghouls and 2 Skeletons were killed.

15-09-2011, 18:53
Turn 2 - Vampire Counts

The Varghulf started off the Vampire Counts second turn by charging the Doomwheel on the far right flank.

The Ghouls predictably took up their position in the watchtower, complete with the Wight King BSB - doh!

The Black Knights, realising that combat with the Stormvermin meant pretty certain death, opted instead to move into a position to ensure the Hellpit Abomination couldn't get a charge off into the Vampire Lord's bunker in later turns.

Lastly, the Fell Bats (who were out of range of any Vampires) continued to harass the Gutter Runners.

In the magic phase the Vampire Lord decided to try and dissuade the Plague Monks from assaulting the watchtower by casting the Curse of Anraheir on the filthy rats - and to make matters worse also Wissans Wildform on the Ghouls!

In the only combat of the turn, the Varghulf inflicted a single wound on the Doomwheel which only managed to do 1 wound in return. Beaten in combat the Doomwheel fled and was run down.

15-09-2011, 18:54
Turn 2 - Clan Skrit

Realising the inevitable had happened, the Skaven were faced with a tricky decision - assault a building occupied with 40 regenerating, augmented ghouls and risk loosing their Frenzy if defeated. Or hang back and wait for some Skaven trickery to weaken the foe. They opted for the cowardly approach and held back :)

The Stormvermin had been "baited" by a unit of Fell Bats in the previous turn, but decided to go for it anyway and hope the overrun wasn't too drastic. It was either that or the Fell Bats would cause a problem for the Skaven support units!

The Hellpit Abomination also fancied a bit of the action, and charged straight into the Black Knights.

The Clanrat bunker accompanying the Grey Seer and Chieftain moved out of their building to bring the Grey Seer into range of the Watchtower - and the Vampire Lord's own bunker. The Skaven Slaves also moved up ready to surround the tower.

Up near the Vampire's deployment zone, the Gutter Runners got fed up of hearing bat screeches behind them and turned to face their pursuers.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer only had enough dice for one spell - and it was going to be a good'un. That is if he had made the casting roll on his 6 dice, or if he hadn't rolled a 1 on his Warpstone Token!

Onto the shooting phase. And more 1's! The Warpfire Thrower hit the tower, but only rolled 1 hit (D6 hits for a template against buildings) and then a 1 to-wound! :mad:

At least the Gutter Runners finally got some poisoned shots off and killed a Fell Bat.

Then in combat the Stormvermin predictably wiped out the other unit of Fell Bats and overran a reasonable 7". They would of course roll a 6 for the Death Frenzy casualties at the end of the turn though :)

The Hellpit ate the Black Knights for a mid-afternoon snack and cruised right on through to be side by side with the Corpse Cart. It only took 1 wound in the process.

15-09-2011, 18:55
Turn 3 - Vampire Counts

With the objective already in their hands. The Vampires third turn was more about keeping out of trouble than anything else.

The remaining Fell Bats charged into the Gutter Runners - I forgot they had throwing stars, otherwise I would have used stand and shoot.

In the centre the Vampire Lord directed his bunker as far away from the Hellpit Abomination as possible, hiding behind the tower. The Corpse Cart took up a redirecting roll to protect the undead general.

Nearer the Skaven deployment zone, the Varghulf returned from it's victory over the Doomwheel and now took up position to threaten the Skaven's own bunker.

Again in the magic phase the Vampire Lord managed to cast the Curse of Anrahier on the Plague Monks, and another Wissans Wildform on the Ghouls.

The combat between the Fell Bats and the Gutter Runners wasn't quite as one-sided as some might think. The Fell Bats killed one of the black-clad rats, for 2 wounds in return. This left the combat in a draw!

15-09-2011, 18:55
Turn 3 - Clan Skrit

Realising that time was slipping away, but still not wanting to commit to the (still untouched!) Ghouls in the tower, the Plague Monks passed another test to hold back their charge.

Showing them how it should be done however, the Slaves charged into the Vampire Lord's unit, hoping to weaken the Skeleton bunker.

The Hellpit decided it wasn't quite done feeding, and went into the biggest pile of flesh it could see - the Corpse Cart.

Meanwhile, the other Skaven units turned to face the enemy. The Stormvermin reformed to face the tower - and failed their Ld9 swift reform test. The Clanrats also turned to face the Varghulf, whilst still keeping the Grey Seer within range of the tower.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer attempted to cast the Dreaded Thirteenth, but despite rolling really well, the Vampire Lord rolled better to dispel it! :rolleyes:

The Warpfire Thrower took a shot at the Varghulf to try and stop it from causing a nuisance, but only managed to put a single wound on the beast.

In the combat phase, the Gutter Runners easily killed the last Fell Bat and turned to face the tower.

The Hellpit Abomination also easily destroyed the Corpse Cart, but chose not to overrun.

Finally, the Skaven Slaves did their best. But ultimately they lost - and thankfully the Vampire Lord had killed the Warlock Engineer in the process* meaning the resulting "Cornered Rats" roll would have plenty of ranks to add up. In total about 7 more Skeletons fell leaving the bunker looking pretty vulnerable.

* = My plan for the Slaves was to tie up the Skeletons long enough to get the Hellpit Abomination into their rear. Or to blow up and do as much damage to the Skeletons as possible :)

15-09-2011, 18:56
Turn 4 - Vampire Counts

With the random game length kicking in at the end of this turn, the Vampires were looking pretty good to win - although pretty battered by other standards.

The Varghulf started off the turn by charging the Warpfire Thrower which elected to stand and shoot, but failed to do any more damage.

The only other Vampire Counts unit which was left (outside of the tower) was the Skeleton Bunker, which opted to continue to move away from the Hellpit Abomination - using the tower as a shield against charges from the Plague Monks.

In the magic phase things went pretty well. Not only did the Varghulf have both of it's wounds healed, but yet again Wissans Wildform and the Curse of Anraheir were put back in play to ensure the Plague Monks would struggle to do anything to the Ghouls in combat.

In combat the Varghulf predictably finished off the weapons team, and overran straight into the Clanrats.

15-09-2011, 18:56
Turn 4 - Clan Skrit

Realising that there was not much else they could wait for, the Plague Monks finally charged into the watchtower and crossed every digit on their scurrying paws!

The rest of the Skaven army literally surged towards the tower as fast as it could, with the Hellpit Abomination not letting up on it's chase for the Skeleton bunker and the juicy Vampire general within.

In the magic phase the winds of power roll was pretty low. The Grey Seer opted to save his own hide rather than rely on a double-6 13th spell! He cast Cracks Call in a line to hit the Varghulf and down it fell :)

The Gutter Runners tried their best to shoot down some Skeletons, but only managed to kill 1.

In combat the Ghouls proved way too tough for the Plague Monks. The undead suffered no casualties at all, while the Plague Monks took 3 wounds, fell back and lost their frenzy - great!

D6 roll of a 6 would end the game there - but it continued...

15-09-2011, 18:57
Turn 5 - Vampire Count

With an ever dwindling army, the Vampires sole objective now was to survive. So the Vampire Lord opted to join the Ghouls in the building, leaving his bunker to it's own fate. The Necromancer also opted for a safer position behind the slightly annoyed Plague Monks unit.

In the magic phase the Vampire Lord managed to cast Wissans Wildform with irresistible force. Oh joy!

The resulting miscast saw the Vampire Lord dropped 2 magic levels - and losing Wissans Wildform and one other spell (can't remember which - but pretty sure he still had the Curse of Anraheir available).

15-09-2011, 18:57
Turn 5 - Clan Skrit

Eeek - time running out!

The Stormvermin were now within range of a charge on the tower. Needing something like a 6 or 7 to make it in...

The Plague Monks didn't elect to charge. Based on the previous performance it didn't make much sense given that they were no longer frenzied, and the Ghouls were still at +1S and +1T!

However the Hellpit Abomination did finally make it into the Skeleton bunker.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer finally got off the 13th spell, and inflicted the first casualties to the Ghouls all game.

Then in the shooting phase the Gutter Runners couldn't even hit the lone Necromancer.

In combat the Hellpit did it's thing and crushed the remaining Skeletons.

On a D6 roll of a 5+ the game would end...drum roll...but it didn't!

15-09-2011, 18:58
Turn 6 - Vampire Counts

The only movement this time was the Necromancer trying to stay out of harms way - but also in range to summon Ghouls back should they be needed.

In the magic phase the (now Level 1) Vampire and Necromancer between them managed to resurrect some of the Ghouls, leaving this many...

In total I think there are currently 36 Ghouls, 1 Wight King and 1 Vampire Lord all sat in the tower - with the Regeneration banner. :D

15-09-2011, 18:59
Turn 6 - Clan Skrit

The odds were now pretty good for the Vampires to win this - which was slightly frustrating given the situation outside of the tower.

However realising there was still a chance - particularly as now there were no augments or hexes in play anywhere - the Plague Monks decided to go for another assault.

The Stormvermin and Hellpit Abomination also moved into position just in case there was a turn 7 - and they had nothing else to do!

The Gutter Runners hadn't done much all game, so moved up to go Necromancer hunting.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer went for Death Frenzy on the Plague Monks, and got it with irresistible force. The resulting explosion killed a few Clanrats - meh!

Then there came a wonderful combat phase. Loads of dice were rolled, then rolled again thanks to the Plague Banner :), and this was the result...

This was down to several things:

No augments/hexes in play
Death Frenzy
Plague Banner
The Vampire Lord's unit was in combat so no Helm of Commandment - which I hadn't really mentioned up to now, but this was also a pretty big factor in me not charging in sooner!

After the models had been removed, there were only 7 Ghouls left in the building, plus the 2 characters.

On a D6 roll of a 4+ the game would end - and it was a 4! :cries:

Game over - victory to Vampire Counts

15-09-2011, 18:59
Post Battle Thoughts

Clan Skrit
No no no!

So close. Yet by the rules of the scenario not good enough.

Well done to the Vampire player for using his augment/hex spells so well. Those in combination with the Helm of Commandment just meant that 10 Plague Monks would achieve nothing by assaulting the building.

In hindsight I wish I had tried assaulting it earlier. I had deliberately hung back hoping to somehow weaken the Ghouls inside, but I just couldn't do it - or I got suitably distracted stomping over the rest of the Vampire Counts army.

Part of me wonders if I should have put the Hellpit Abomination into the building. But then it would still be pretty random how well it could do - and against Ghouls with T5 and Regeneration it's going to be limited.

Overall I'm quite happy with how the army played out. The combination of Plague Monks and Stormvermin certainly has a lot of potential.

Oh well onto the next game...

Vampire Counts
Wow that was close, one more turn and I'd have been toast. I think I did well to concentrate on the tower, and also to keep my generals Skeleton bunker alive when threatened by the Hellpit Abomination.

In truth though, going first was a massive advantage as I got to the tower first. I did make a couple of mistakes. Firstly when my Varghulf charged the Skaven Clanrat bunker, I had to try and dispel Cracks Call. Sadly I rolled very low with my dispel attempt. However, I could have rolled my extra D6 from the Scepter of Stability. Instead I chose to save it, but with hindsight my Varghulf could have assassinated the Grey Seer, so I should have gambled to keep the Varghulf alive.

My second mistake was in thinking the Black Knights could cope with the Hellpit Abomination. I thought that being WS7 (from the Helm of Commandment) would save quite a few of them, but I didn't realise how many of the Abominations random attacks were auto-hits that ignored WS. The Black Knights are expensive, and they never really stood a chance of slowing the Abomination down.

16-09-2011, 11:51
Nice Report. Excellent read, love the combination of Battle Chronicler and Pictures.

The only thing I'd say is try to dispel the Wildform, let everything else through.


20-09-2011, 09:22
Nice Batrep.

A-Bomb and magic, that's all you need baby !

21-09-2011, 19:56
Great report, good to see both had fun.

22-09-2011, 01:35
That was a hard watchtower to crack.

At least you gave it a good go :)

26-09-2011, 19:52
and cracking it could have been a solution too ;) cracks call can destroy buildings right?

nice rep, your luck with warmachines in general remains abysmal I see (exeption being the doomrocket)

26-09-2011, 20:21
and cracking it could have been a solution too ;) cracks call can destroy buildings right?

Indeed, and that option had occurred to me during the game. In the end I decided that I would probably be just as outclassed going up against the full horde of augmented ghouls as I would 10 vs 10. In hindsight though it probably was a better option for the win given the VP situation by the end of the game :)

27-09-2011, 14:53
strength in numbers ;) 10 vs 10 or any other fair fights are not the skaven way

27-09-2011, 20:18
Wow excellent report, what a nailbiter!!! :D

27-09-2011, 23:34
Great battle report! nicely done.

30-09-2011, 11:02
Great report, was a though one but you certainly gave that VC a beating, he'll probably stay in that tower for a while ;)

26-10-2011, 15:59
Cracking report, well presented, looking forward to the next one...