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15-09-2011, 18:49
Scenario: Meeting Engagement
Date Played: 15th September 2011

We were playing the 2nd game in our mini-series of the 6 BRB scenarios. This time around we knew pretty much what each others lists contained.

Before we go any further, some handy statistics...

Failing a Ld test with a re-roll:
Ld9 = 1/36
Ld10 = 1/144

Now please do read on :)

Clan Skrit


[GS] Grey Seer, Talisman of Preservation, Skalm (315pts)
[WLR] Warlord, Warlitter, Shield, Warlock Augmented Weapon (173pts)


[BSB] Chieftain, Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd (72pts)
[WE] Warlock Engineer, Doomrocket (45pts)


[SV] 36 Stormvermin, Fangleader, Standard Bearer, Musician (277pts)
[WFT] Warpfire Thrower (70pts)
[CR] 23 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields (123.5pts)
[SS] 47 Skaven Slaves Musician (96pts)


[PM] 40 Plague Monks Bringer-of-the-Word, Standard Bearer, Musician, Plague Banner (335pts)
[GR] 6 Gutter Runners Slings, Poisoned Attacks (108pts)


[DW] Doomwheel (150pts)
[HPA] Hellpit Abomination (235pts)

Total: 1999.5pts

Vampire Counts


[VL] Vampire Lord, Level 3, Talisman of Preservation, Earthing Rod, Helm of Commandment, Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore (Beasts) (440pts)


[WK] Wight King, Battle Standard Bearer, Drakenhoff Banner, Great Weapon (235pts)
[N] Necromancer, Level 1 (Invocation of Nehek), Sceptre of Stability (70pts)


[SW] 23 Skeleton Warriors, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician (204pts)
[G] 39 Ghouls, (312pts)
[CC] Corpse Cart, Unholy Loadstone (100pts)


[BK] 10 Black Knights, Standard Bearer, Musician, Barding, Standard of Strigois (339pts)
[FB1] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)
[FB2] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)


[V] Varghulf (175pts)

Total: 1995pts

15-09-2011, 18:51

So the Vampires won the roll to pick their deployment zone and opted for the North board edge (the top of the map!). Their only unit which rolled a 1 was the Black Knights - which probably wasn't a huge deal.

The Vampire army took up positions, favouring the left of the building. Only the one unit of Fell Bats deployed the other side of the building.

The Skaven then rolled for their own units, and both the BSB and the Doomwheel were to come on as reserves. The BSB was a pain, but the Doomwheel was no big deal.

The Skaven army tried to focus their deployment in the centre, to see if they could pick off the Ghouls early on. The forest turned out to be a Venom Thicket - which was ironic as we'd only just worked out that forests don't normally affect infantry!

Grey Seer: Warp Lightning, Death Frenzy, Cloud of Corruption, Curse of the Horned Rat
Vampire Lord: Lore of Beasts (Forbidden Lore), Invocation of Nehek
Necromancer: Invocation of Nehek

15-09-2011, 18:52
Turn 1 - Vampire Counts

The Vampires started off the game by moving up, and shuffling their units around a little on the flank. The Black Knights came on the flank and took up position next to the tower, near the Varghulf.

The Fell Bats in front of the other building chose not to move at all - figuring there was little they could achieve with the Gutter Runners facing off against them.

In the magic phase the Sorcerous Portal cast Soulblight on the Plague Monks.

The Vampire Lord then followed this up by casting the Curse of Anraheir on the Stormvermin to turn their dangerous terrain tests from the Venom Thicket into something a risky prospect (fail on 1 or 2).

With no shooting and no combat it was onto Skaven turn 1.

15-09-2011, 19:00
Turn 1 - Clan Skrit

With no charges, the Hellpit Abomination started off the turn by fumbling forwards 11". The Slaves moved to try and keep up while the Warpfire Thrower from the Stormvermin unit took up position behind the Slaves, hoping for a couple of shots on the Ghouls or the Varghulf in later turns.

The Gutter Runners moved up the flank to get close to the Fell Bats for a couple of shots.

Both the BSB and the Doomwheel came on straight away. The BSB joined the Clanrat bunker which had deliberately held back to wait for him. The Doomwheel managed a fantastic 4" total move!

The Grey Seer, not wanting to waste a magic phase by being out of range, opted to leave the Clanrat bunker and took shelter behind the Plague Monks - just within 24" of the Vampire Lord's own bunker of Skeletons.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer tried to cast the Curse of the Horned Rat but failed to meet the casting requirement.

The Doomwheel continued it's, so far outstanding, performance and failed it's test to restrain from shooting. The lightning bolts killed 3 Plague Monks.

The Warlock Engineer slightly overestimated the length of fuse needed on his Doomrocket. It still managed to kill 5 Skeletons from the Vampire generals bunker though.

Then the Gutter Runners rounded off the turn by killing a single Fell Bat with their poisoned slings.

15-09-2011, 19:01
Turn 2 - Vampire Counts

The Vampires second turn started with the first charge of the game - and the peak of the game from the Skaven's point of view :) The Ghouls were a mere 8" away from the Hellpit Abomination so only needed a 4+ on 2D6, but they sadly rolled a 3 *snigger* :D

After that the Vampire general sent in the Fell Bats to set up a pretty solid set of redirect situations for the Skaven to face.

The Black Knights and Varghulf also moved through/around the building respectively to be ready to flank charge anything that took the bait.

In the magic phase the Sorcerous Portal cast Plague of Rust on the Plague Monks, reducing their non-existant armour save by -1 permanently - woohoo!

Finally, the Vampire Lord made sure that the Ghouls were augmented with Wissans Wildform.

15-09-2011, 19:01
Turn 2 - Clan Skrit

With charges resolved before compulsory movement the Hellpit Abomination and Slaves left a tricky scenario this turn - hopefully we played it right. Please let me know if you think we didn't (references to specific rules/pages are usually best).

Anyway, the Slaves declared a charge on the Fell Bats in front of them. They could make it into base contact, but couldn't fully close the door as the Hellpit Abomination was in the way. So the Slaves closed as much as they could, then the Fell Bats closed the rest to meet the Slaves.

After this the Hellpit couldn't quite make it around the Fell Bats to hit the Skeleton Warriors unit, so instead it charged the Ghouls.

The Plague Monks opted not to charge, figuring a flank charge from Varghulf and Black Knights was not a good thing. Instead they shuffled around a bit. The Clanrat bunker also marched up and was joined by the Grey Seer.

The Stormvermin, now free of the Curse of Anraheir marched out of the Venom Thicket, and took three casualties as a result - plus the Warlord was wounded!

The Doomwheel trundled further up it's flank, bringing it 1/2" closer to the Varghulf than anything else.

In the magic phase, the Sorcerous Portal started things off by casting Wyssans Wildform on the Plague Monks.

Then the Grey Seer did what he does best, and using his only Warpstone Token he cast the Curse of the Horned Rat on the Vampire Lords' Skeleton bunker - without miscasting! Only 11 models were left standing.

In the shooting phase the Varghulf took a single wound from the Doomwheel. Then the Warpfire Thrower attempted to clear the Fell Bats in front of the Plague Monks - but instead it blew up and killed a couple of Stormvermin :wtf:

Then in combat the one unit of Fell Bats was predictably wiped out by the Slaves, who reformed to face the Ghouls. While the Hellpit Abomination struggled to get anything past the Ghouls regeneration save and only killed a couple while taking 3 wounds in return. However it held it's ground.

15-09-2011, 19:02
Turn 3 - Vampire Counts

With their main combat block already engaged, the Vampires didn't try to overstretch anything. There were no charges.

The Varghulf moved up the flank to threaten the Plague Monks - but making sure it wasn't the closest unit to the Sorcerous Portal in case it rolled up a Fireball! :)

In the centre both the Skeleton bunker and the Black Knights simply adjusted their position.

The Fell Bats also moved further over so that if the Plague Monks took the bait they would expose their flank to the Black Knights and rear to the Varghulf.

In the magic phase the Sorcerous Portal once against cast Soulblight on the Plague Monks.

The Necromancer and Vampire Lord then raised back quite a few Skeletons to replenish their own bunker. The Vampire Lord then followed that up with an irresistible force casting of Wyssans Wildform on the Ghouls - which is what the Skaven player had saved dice to dispel. The miscast put a wound on the Necromancer.

In combat the Hellpit was still struggling to do anything. It rolled up the 3D6 attacks result, but didn't inflict a single wound thanks to the Helm of Commandment, Wyssans Wildform and the regeneration banner. The Ghouls attacks back inflicted another 2 hits, before the Hellpit's stomp attacks killed a single Ghoul - out of spite! :)

15-09-2011, 19:03
Turn 3 - Clan Skrit

The Hellpit wasn't going to last much longer, so the Skaven Slaves charged into the Ghouls - taking advantage of the Hellpit's position so they were only clipping the last model in the Ghoul unit.

The Stormvermin also decided they had had enough of the Fell Bats and charged their flank.

On the other side of the board, the Doomwheel moved right up next to the Black Knights.

In the magic phase the Sorcerous Portal once against cast an augment on the unengaged Plague Monks!

The Grey Seer had 12 dice to play with this time. He started off with Warplightning on the Black Knights and killed 3 as the Vampire Lord was holding his dispel dice back for what was next.

Then the Curse of the Horned Rat went off with irresistible force on the Skeleton bunker unit, reducing it to just 8 models.

The miscast killed 3 Clanrats and drained the rest of the dice from the pool.

In the shooting phase the Doomwheel finally did something useful and killed another 3 Black Knights.

The Gutter Runners also managed to snipe another Skeleton from the bunker.

In combat the Hellpit predictably fell to the massed poisoned attacks of the Ghouls, it did drag a couple of Ghouls down with it, but not enough to allow the Slaves to win the combat. The Ghouls combat reformed to maximise their contact with the Slaves.

Sadly the Hellpit Abomination was just dead, not even a minor spasm of life left :cries:

15-09-2011, 19:03
Turn 4 - Vampire Counts

With their support units slowly vanishing, the Vampires opted to plunge in. The Black Knights and Varghulf both charged into the Plague Monks.

In the centre, the Corpse Cart took up positions to try and defend the Ghouls flank.

The magic phase started with the Sorcerous Portal casting Soulblight on the Varghulf.

Then the Necromancer did what he did best and spammed a couple of Invocation of Nehek spells - pretty sure he rolled 5/6 for the power level and the number of Skeletons on both spells!

Then the Vampire Lord augmented the Black Knights with Wyssans Wildform.

In combat the Black Knights themselves fluffed their attacks completely. The Plague Monks then responded, and with the help of their Plague Banner, managed to put 2 wounds on the Varghulf and killed 2 of the Black Knights. The Varghulf and Black Knight steeds then managed to kill 4 rats in return. This meant that the combat was a draw and both sides had musicians.

Then there came a bad omen for the Skaven. The Ghouls managed to kick the Skaven Slaves assess as expected, but when it came time to take a break test on Ld10 (not re-rollable as the BSB was just out of range) they rolled 11.

The resulting "explosion" killed 4 of the nearby Gutter Runners who failed their panic test and ran, oh and 1 Ghoul :)

15-09-2011, 19:04
Turn 4 - Clan Skrit

So the Stormvermin started the turn with a decision - charge the Black Knights and (almost) guarantee the Plague Monks would be free to help next turn, but risk exposing their flank in the process. Or charge the Ghouls. I opted for the latter...

Then the Clanrat bunker attempted a swift reform to move themselves within 12" of both combats...
They failed a re-rollable Ld10 test and were stuck out of range!

To make matters worse, the Doomwheel also then failed to charge the Corpse Cart. It was something like 8-9" out but rolled 5" on 3D6 :(

Moving onto combat, the Sorcerous Portal helped a little by re-casting Soulblight on the Varghulf.

The Grey Seer had plenty of dice to play with, and started with 6 dice to cast Death Frenzy on the Stormvermin. He rolled a decent 27 to cast it (no double 6's), and the Vampire rolled 26 to dispel :D but then used the Sceptre of Stability to add a further D6*.

* = going over this again as I write it up I realised that this wasn't right. The Necromancer is carrying the Sceptre so it would have to be him attempting the dispel to start with and not the Vampire Lord. I think he actually rolled a 4/5 so it would have been the same outcome (-3 for Vamp, +1 for Necro, +4/5 for Sceptre) but worth remembering in future.

Then the Grey Seer unleashed another Warp Lightning on the Corpse Cart and got a wound on it.

In combat the Plague Monks couldn't put a single wound on either the Varghulf or the Black Knights. In return they lost 3 of their number meaning they had lost combat, but were steadfast on Ld9 - with a re-roll from the BSB. And they rolled 11 then 10 :confused:!

They were run down, and as neither of the undead units had ranks we 4+'d it to decide which direction. It turned out they fled away from the Varghulf and narrowly missed the Clanrats.

Lastly, the Stormvermin just couldn't do any significant damage on the Ghouls thanks to the regeneration banner. They lost 6 of their number, and even the Warlord fell to a couple of (non killing-blow) attacks from the Wight King. Despite these losses, and despite not being within 12" of the general/BSB they held their ground.

15-09-2011, 19:05
Turn 5 - Vampire Counts

With things quickly falling apart for the Skaven the Vampires started the task of mopping up.

The Varghulf charged the 2 remaining Gutter Runners, who opted to flee as they couldn't see the Varghulf to stand and shoot.

The Black Knights decided not to risk a frontal charge into a unit of Clanrats and simply moved around to the flank of the bunker unit.

There wasn't much movement from the Skeleton bunker or or Corpse Cart.

In the magic phase the Sorcerous Portal decided to augment the Black Knights with Wyssans Wildform.

Then the Vampire Lord and Necromancer both just bolstered the Ghouls numbers. The Grey Seer did at least manage to dispel any further augments/hexes which would mean certain doom for the Stormvermin.

In combat the Stormvermin just couldn't do anything to the Ghouls, and suffered 9 casualties in return. They were no longer steadfast and failed their snake-eyes roll and were run down.

With that the Skaven resigned, cursing the pesky Clan Pestilens rats for their betrayal.

Game over - victory to the Vampire Counts

15-09-2011, 19:06
Post Battle Thoughts

Clan Skrit
I'd definitely like to refer readers back to the statistics quoted in the summary for this report - one failed test on a Ld10, followed by 2 more tests on re-rollable Ld9/Ld10 :cries:

Shouldn't really blame the dice as I did make my own mistakes at a couple of points. Firstly, with hindsight, the Stormvermin should have been on the other flank. I was too pre-occupied with killing Ghouls and avoiding that Portal to really think it through. Secondly I think I should have charged the Stormvermin against the Black Knights instead of sending them against the Ghouls - even with Death Frenzy I probably would have struggled against those cursed regenerating Ghouls!

Overall though, a bit of bad luck at just the wrong moments combined with my mistakes just meant the Skaven army fell apart very quickly and I didn't have much in the way of a backup plan - which is something this army doesn't really feature sadly.

Just wait for me to roll all those 5's and 6's on a Dreaded Thirteenth against his bunker unit! :)

Vampire Counts
Another close game, in the beginning I really wasn't sure how I could cope with the hordes of Skaven. I was pleased with the way I used my Fell Bats, they gave my opponent a real headache by blocking off his main combat blocks. In the end though, the game turned when the Skaven failed a number of high leadership tests on re-rollable 9s and 10s.

Having said that, my own missed charge (I only needed a 4 on 2D6) by the Ghouls early on, and the Black Knights losing 6 models on the turn before they charged threatened to foil my own plans.

Two close games and I feel very fortunate to be 2-0 ahead so far.

18-09-2011, 12:39
Seems like a very odd Skaven list. Not that I dislike it, but against VC WFT's and weapons teams in general rock. I don't know that I would have been so cautious about engaging, but then again I've never fought anything with the regen banner I don't think.

Nice job, though and great report. I think it's funny that people think VC have become so underpowered. As I think this report shows, when it turns in their favor it is almost impossible to slow them down.

Jack of Blades
19-09-2011, 12:53
This is why you have the Banner of Eternal Flame on the Stormvermin :)

19-09-2011, 19:57
Seems like a very odd Skaven list. Not that I dislike it, but against VC WFT's and weapons teams in general rock.

Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what makes it an odd list? This is what I've ended up with after playing different units and basically keeping the best of each list.

Personally I'm not a big fan of tailoring a list against a specific opponent. Also the theme behind playing these scenarios with a fixed list was to see how well-rounded the list was, not how good at killing VC :)

This is why you have the Banner of Eternal Flame on the Stormvermin :)

Yeah, if there were 2 changes I would make to the list it's to free up the pts for an extra Warpstone Token on the Grey Seer, and the Banner of Eternal Flame (or armour piercing) on the Stormvermin.

However, for the purposes of this particular series of reports we are on fixed lists now that we've started :)

19-09-2011, 20:26
Awesome game you 2! It's awesome seeing a VC army w/o a horde of GG and 2 hordes of ghouls :) seems like you guys had a lot of fun.

20-09-2011, 20:36
First I must say I like your battle report style, so keep 'em comming!

As for the rules uncertainty in the slave/fell bat battle. The charger gets 1 (and only one) free wheel in an attempt to reach the target. Once contact is established you attempt to close the door, but as you couldn't do this your enemy would close the door instead (page 22 in the warhammer rulebook). The rules are not clear about if neither can close the door then both are allowed to, but how I interpret it only one of the units may close the door, otherwise the charge is illegal.

Slaves are fantastic - usually. I had a game two days ago where my LD10 slaves also broke from combat (no bsb in range), exploded and destroyed two warpfire throwers and my doom rocket wielding engineer, who lined up behind the slaves in order to first burn his regenerationg away (28 grave guard + wight bsb) and blast the rest with doom rocket.

I would also strongly recomend you only play with ruin magic, generally because plague magic is underwhelming when compared to ruin, and also because you really want that scorch to burn those ghouls!

Otherwise, nice report! Looking forward to more :)