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Warhammer Lord
15-09-2011, 16:16

I am new to the forum and has many years played with the Empire. But recently, I have never won any game. It was so soon after the last edition came. Tend to run Shadow Magic by 30-40 infantry blocks. Some artillery and more.

I'll try to think about the changing Empire before I give up and sell it at auction market and hope for a lot of friendly help here. I come from Sweden and I hope my English is readable.

The new 2500pts version:

Wizard Lord 305pts
Level 4, Light:
Sivejirs Hex Scroll,
Talisman Of Preservation

Wizard Lord 280pts
Level 4, Beasts:
Holy Relic
Earthing Rod

Captain Of The Empire 125pts
Battle Standard Bearer
Armour Of Meteoric Iron

Warrior Priest 128pts
Great Weapon
Heavy Armour
Van Horstmanns Speculum

Warrior Priest 148pts
Great Weapon
Heavy Armour
Rod Of Command

50 Halberdiers 270pts
Full Command

30 Flagellant Warband 310pts
Prophet Of Doom

10 Crossbowmen 80pts

10 Outriders 210pts

10 Outriders 210pts


16-09-2011, 09:15
seems interesting, but i don't know the rest of the story. From my point of wiev i would change one wizard lord for a lvl2 mage and one warrior priest to Arch lector of Sigmar (he would be better general with ld9 and will give you 2 DD). For lvl 2 wizard take maybe rod of power, that can contribute to your dispel phase or your next magic phase. Instead of rod of command take crown of command, it's cheaper and will give you solid ground for not being broken in combat. As to arch lector: Van horstmanns speculum and some good armour and 2-h weapon maybe. I can see you have still some points left, so use it for warmachines(one cannon for sure) or some solid hammer like Stank, h/cav or Greatswords.
As to magic lores, your choice seem ok. Try lord with light and lvl2 with beast and go for that signature spell which gives +1S&T to your halberds.

Just some loose thoughts.

17-09-2011, 15:03
You really do need artillery, I'd take a cannon and mortar for every 1000pts (along with an engineer for every 3 machines). With low ld and below average combat abilities it is hard to win combat with empire unless magic is involved in your favor. So using unbreakable units/stubborn/steadfast is necessary to winning empire games. War Altar, STank, Flagellants, Greatswords, Crown of Command, all are elements to a successful empire list. Also having 2/5 of your army is heroes is too much, 1/4-1/3 are usually the magic amount.

Empire knights are better than our fast cav, if you want a more mobile unit take a general on a Pegasus with the CoC and a few other goodies. I agree with Tut about the mages, one lvl 4 is more than enough, heck i usually run 2 lvl 2's with a war altar. As for buffing light, life, shadow, and the sig spell for beasts are your best bets.