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16-09-2011, 17:24
After rereading the Grey Knights fluff, I've taken keen interest in the non-standard weaponry used. I'm not talking unique stuff like Nemesis Force Weapons or psyk-out grenades. I'm talking about the sorcerous stuff like the thigh bone of a fallen Grey Knight. After going through the book, I could only come across 3 specific things:

Vial of crystalized Emperor's tears
Sharpened thigh bone of a former Grand Master
Blood of the pure (Sisters story)

I'm interested in more. I can only think of one other that may be along these lines. The halbred of the Grey Knight who banished Angron. I could see this as a potent weapon against Khorne-based units.

So I turn to the creative juices of you Warseerites. Let's have it either made up or cannon, I would like to compile a list of non-standard weapons the Grey Knights could use. I just ask that if you are using a cannon source please state where you found it.

Fulgrim's Gimp
16-09-2011, 19:24
I think anything from the original founders could be good. Like for example relics of Janus.

My own personal take would be items which hint at their mysterious origin. Like an oath of moment from a founder on Istvaan 3 etc.

For my Grey Knights I'm also drawing attention to the idea that the Grey knights might be following in the same path as Magnus and the Thousand Sons and showing the same hubris. Maybe they could be after the same sources of knowledge or come up with the same rituals and the only difference between them being the perspective of the user.