View Full Version : 2000pt Dark Elf list - thoughts?

16-09-2011, 19:55
So wrote up a new 2000pt DE list, cutting back from my habit of RXB and Bolt-thrower spam...thoughts?

Lokhir Fellheart : 250pts.
Sorceress Lv.2 w/ Sacrificial Dagger, Tome of Furion: 100pts.
Dark Elf Warriors x 23 w/ Shields, Full Command, Banner of Murder: 161pts.
Corsairs x34 w/ Full Command, Sea Serpent Banner: 390pts.
Repeater Crossbowmen x10 : 100pts.
Repeater Crossbowmen x10 : 100pts.
Harpies x6 : 66pts.
Harpies x6 : 66pts.
Black Guard x20 w/ Full Command, Dread Banner, Crimson Death: 408pts.
Cold One Knights x6 w/ Full Command, Ring of Hotek: 227pts.
War Hydra : 175pts.

Also - this list is my first I've tried fielding Black Guard. I like the fluff and think the models are cool, so want to see how they play before I build a big unit of REALLY expensive models.

Da Once & Future Git
18-09-2011, 11:31
do you really need sac dagger with only a lvl 2?? i would have thought between 2d6 & power of darlness you would have enough... also you can't have both dagger & tome as both arcane items... his also much more than 100pts... :)

i would swap some of the banners around... i don't think the BG need fear, they already hit most stuff on 3's with re-rolls, so making the enemy ws1 won't be that great... i'd give them the banner of murder for the extra AP they lack at only str4...
I'd then give the spearmen banner of disapline or cold blooded, especially if you are going to keep the dagger.

19-09-2011, 00:54
Lokhir isn't even close to worth his points.

The level 2 is illegal, she has 2 arcane items.

Harpies are fine in 5s.

Black Guard would be best with the Banner of Murder.

The xbows could do with musicians.

19-09-2011, 21:48
On the Lokhir point I disagree - I kept him in my final list (I'll post it later) and he led his corsairs against a unit of 30+ Chaos Marauders and a Chaos Sorcerer. With his +1 A/number of enemy ranks he can add a lot of firepower to that unit. Also taking him got me twice the points for Marauders+Sorcerer with his other special rule.

He definitly isn't good for one-on-one hero conflicts but if you want to take a lot of Corsairs I think he brings a lot to that unit.

Don Zeko
19-09-2011, 22:18
Dude, he costs as much as 25 more corsairs. You could almost afford a pendant/crown dreadlord for those points. You could also sub him for a war hydra, which will kill a lot more marauders than Lokhir, and then have 75 points left to buy, well, whatever you damn please. If he cost half as many points as he does I still might not take him.

19-09-2011, 22:26
Sorc with all those upgrades costs 175 pts. But as someone else pointed out you have 2 arcane items.

Corsairs work well Vs. lightly armored troops, as soon as they hit something harder they die. Even without Lokir, your corsairs probably had a good chance VS those marauders. I like going with about 24 corsairs 6x4..they have a limited role, so anything more just becomes a little costly for my taste