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16-09-2011, 21:15
Hey folks,

Here is a 2500 pt list I am putting together for semi competitive play, ie. I want a list that can do fairly well in tournies but stilll use the models I like. I am really trying to stick to the Ironskin fluff.

Slaughtermaster, lvl 4, Fencers Blades, Greedyfist, Glittering Scales
Firebelly with Dispel Scroll
Bruiser BSB with Brace of Pistols and Banner of Eternal Flame
11 Ogres with Full Command and Look out Gnoblar
8 Ironguts with Full Command and Look out Gnoblar, Stnd of Discipline
5 Leadbelchers
3 Sabertusks
5 Mournfang Cav, Hvy Armor/IF, Muscian, Stnd, Dragonhide Banner
2 Ironblaster
2481 Total

The Slaughtermaster goes with tthe Ironguts, the Firebelly with the Ogres and the BSB with the Leadbelchers. Why the unit of 5 Mournfangs? Well I see how people are mentioning ogre hordes are a great thing and aren't too hard to move. Well 5 mournfangs are the same size as 6 ogre bases, and in fact on avg they have 50 attacks (on the charge) compared to 54 from an ogre horde, yet more of the mournfang attacks are str 5 so in effect you have more wounding hits. Maybe it is too wide, but if so, the ogre horde is too wide as well, not to mention cannons are less lethal to this unit than and ogre unit (it isnt a long and only 1 model should get sniped)- not to mention they really make use of the dragonhide banner. Please let me know your thoughts on army comp, theme and the competitiveness. Thanks.

vinny t
17-09-2011, 00:43
Looks like a really good list. I think perhaps dropping a Mournfang to slim down the unit might be a good idea. A unit that large might be a little tricky to manuver.

Try to fit in 3 maneaters with scouting. They're pretty awesome at being an irritant unit. Perhaps dropping a Leadbelcher, a Mournfang, and your lookout gnoblars and add in 3 maneaters with scouting, extra hand weapons, and swiftstride?

17-09-2011, 01:06
I am not sure the maneaters fit the theme and with the leadbelchers being mostly a flanker unit, I don't know that diluting my other units is worth adding another small unit. If I were to take them, I would take scout, ITP and brace of pistols. That way I could run the sabertusks near them and they wouldnt panic and I could shoot a bit as I advanced. I am thinking of dropping the Slaughtermaster to a butcher then adding a tyrant. Adding the tyrant would make the standard unit of ogres a bit more of a threat and most ogre spells can be cast just fine with 2d6+2. Between the firebelly and butcher, I could cast 3 spells easy with 6 power dice, whereas I really wouldnt be able to cast anymore with a slaughtermaster. Sure my casting totals would be higher, but considering if I roll just one die and get a 1 or 2 my casting ends, that is bad news. Would people agree or disagree. Sure I might get more of my spells dispelled but +2 shouldnt make that big a difference. Or, I could take the gutsickle on a level 2 and get +4 to cast, problem solved. If he gets killed on a double 1, no biggie he isnt near as big an investment as the slaughtermaster.