View Full Version : Prepping for a 1.5k tourney. Suggestions?

17-09-2011, 13:29
Posted this on Herdstone, but didn't get much replies.

After some time being off the grid I was thinking of joining in a local tournament in my area. The practice games are tomorrow and I was thinking of bringing this list. Thoughts?

Lord - 343

Doombull - H.Armor, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Uncanny Senses, Dawnstone, Sword of Swift Slaying - 343

Hero - 374

Wargor - BSB, Beast Banner, H.Armor - 189

Bray Shaman - Lvl2 - 110 (Beast)

Bray Shaman - 75 (Shadow)

Core - 505
Gor Herd x30 - Full Command, AHW - 265

Tuskgor Chariot x3 - 240

Special - 275
Razorgor x2 - 110

Razorgor - 55

Harpies x5 - 55

Harpies x5 - 55

The only restrictions I know of will be that there will be no Special Characters (duh), and Save or Die spells will only deal a single wound to Characters. Now, I'm not too sure what kind of senarios will be run, but I can only assume the standard rulebook ones, so I'm not really liking my odds with only having one block of guys, in case of Watch Tower. I was considering dropping a chariot, maybe merging the two units of harpies and dropping in to 8, and using the points to get a plain block of Ungors. Maybe even Raiders for some minor shooting.

Everything else is pretty standard. Doombull runs in and kills everything, chariots for support. I imagine having them combo charge a block will definately end up braking it with decent impact hits from the chariot. Mages to provide the standard buff/debuffs. The Gor unit is really there to hold up whatever the Doombulls next target will be. Double Razorgor run in bus formation to mage hunt if the need calls for it. Harpies to attack any warmachines although I'm unsure what kind I will be going up against.

I imagine the tournament setting is going to be semi casual, so I feel a little bad bringing in the killing machine. And I'm slightly worried about my unit count. I just can't really think of what to bring at this small of a points game. I was considering a Herdstone list, but... I don't know. I run it quite a lot at higher points games, and really wanted to try out the Doombull for once.


18-09-2011, 22:32
So I played my practice game the other day and ended up playing against the new Ogre Kingdoms book. Not too impressed with it, but it was a smallish game so I guess he couldn't bring all the new stuff to bare. The big guns were a little scary but really didn't do much. Iron Belchers are a lot more scary but he only had three and rolled low for shooting.

Needless to say though, I got severly whipped. My Gors failed charge against the Iron Belchers, and ended up getting charged in return from a 8 block of Bulls + butcher. I just barely lost steadfast but ended up having to roll LD 4 and promptly broke and was run down. Losing my Lvl2 and BSB, so that was fun. It didn't help that he kept dispelling Wildform though. Plus he got off the +1 toughness spell. The Doombull though was just insane! First he combo charged a 5 block of Ironguts + Maneater BSB who had a pretty amazing banner with a chariot. Amazing amount of impact hits from both of them kill 2, and then just allocated all the Bulls attacks against the Maneater BSB and just cut him down. Most of the attacks back missed entirely or failed too wound so I didn't get too many generated attacks. They killed the chariot but I was expecting that. Promptly broke and ran them down. and he overruns.

On his turn he shoots the Doombull with the big new crazy cannon they have and I was lucky enough that he only rolled a 4, leaving him with a single wound left. On my turn I charged the Bulls unit and against just killed a bunch, took no hits back, broke and ran them down as well. At this point though, I only had the Bull and a Lvl 1 wizard, so we called it. Severly maimed his army and I am quite thrilled with the Doombulls preformance, easily bringing in like 900 VP.

I would definately like to run him again, but I felt the pain. Having a LD bubble of only 8 was really hampering, even with the reroll. Not having Bestigors also sucked and half way through the game I actually realized I had forgotten to field any of my razorgors, so I was like 200 points under. Still, a fun game and I'm thinking of rewriting my list. I'll probably try for a Herdstone route. And I would definately try and fit some Bestigors in. I guess it was mostly the fact that I was versing Ogres I think that. It'll only be 1.5k so I can't imagine there'll be too many big scary things running around.

Anyways, that is all.