View Full Version : 2000pts with Orc boyz core!

17-09-2011, 21:26
Orc big boss
charmed shield
war boar
potion of foolhardiness

Cheap general goes in the big unz unit for army wide Ld9. War boar for extra attack, armour and charging out. Could be a target for cannonballs but with 5 chariots and 3 artillery there are other targets availble.

Orc great shaman
level 4
fencers blades
iron curse icon

Goes in the Blorc unit. T5, WS10 and fists of gork should keep him alive.

Black orc big boss
enchanted shield

Standard choice. For 30pts i believe a rerollable 3+ is more effective than a 5+ and 5+ ward.

28 Orc boyz
big uns
full command
standard of discipline

34 Orc boyz
full command

29 black orcs
full command
standard of eternal flame

Tough, reliable and solid with the orc battlemage.

3 wolf chariots

3D6 S5 impact hits for cheap

boar chariot
boar chariot

Slower than boar boyz but do not suffer from animosity making them more reliable.

rock lobba
rock lobba
doom diver

Essential for combined arms.

TOTAL 1998

The idea behind this list is to keep costs low as possible for characters using them as a force multiplier and maxing other units. i started building lists with an Orc Warboss but the 60pts saved with an orc big boss goes into more units for target saturation and more hitting power.

The advantages of using Orc boyz as core over gobbos is T4, while over savage orcs with ahw the orc boyz save points again which goes towards more chariots and artillery.

Points are tight but Ive managed to fit 3 solid blocks, 5 chariots and reasonable artillery. In this way I can perform in all phases of the game.