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18-09-2011, 10:00
LORDS (300 points)
-LvL 4 Life mage with annulian crystal-300 points

HEROES (314 points)
-lvl 2 Shadow mage with seerstaff-165 points
(the withering, mindrazor)
-battle standard bearer-149 points
(great weapon, battle standard, dragon armour, guardian phoenix)

CORE (601 points)
27 x Sea Guard-381 points
(shields, full command, gleaming pendant)

15 x Sea Guard-220 points
(shields, full command)

SPECIAL (1180 points)
29 x White Lions-490 points
(full command, banner of eternal flame, amulet of light)
20 x Phoenix Guard-380 points
(full command, banner of sorcery)
5 x Dragon Princes of Kaledor-215 points
(full command, banner of ellyrion)
5 x Ellyrian Reavers-95 points

the idea is for the reavers to harass/force charges of big units(could be shifted to two great eagles; i am 5 points short of 2400, so this is possible. but the units perform the same task and my testing on eagles so far is 'meh'. )
the dragon princes put added force to enemy flanks and sometimes combine with phoenix guard to take out units, and the white lions horde with BSB and Life lore upgrades performs most of the killing.

i could turn the sea guard in one powerful unit of 42 with lion standard, but i'd dread the watchtower mission without a 20- core unit, since in my experience whoever places a core unit there at start wins the game.

The Beast Walks Among Us
21-09-2011, 01:34
Good list, but I might reconsider the equipment on the archmage. With only 4 spells in Life, you risk missing the ones you really want (throne of vines, flesh to stone, dwellers). A silver wand in place of the annulian crystal would help here. Also consider some protection, either folariath's robe or a 4+ ward item. Good luck with it.