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18-09-2011, 10:53
Fixed list for Campaign, opinions please

Archmage (Lv 3) (Shadow)

10 Archers (mage bunker)
25 Spears, full command, Banner of Discipline

12 Swordmasters, full command
20 White Lions, full command, Banner of Sorcery
Tiranoc Chariot

Bolt Thrower

19-09-2011, 13:37
Nothing? Is it so bad / good / indifferent?

20-09-2011, 01:42
Personally I would drop the RBT for two more eagles. You need more than one if they are going to go war machine hunting because everyone knows they are good war machine hunters. Also T4, 3W, and no armor is not much for a shooting unit to pick apart given a chance. Three gives you the ability to go after multiple war machines or threaten a key one from multiple angles so that one can likely make it.

In addition they are useful against armies with out war machines as redirectors. Playing one in front of a unit or at angles and some careful planning and prevent a unit from reaching combat for another turn. Elves don't like fair fights, heck no one like fair fights. For stuff like Empire, they blow things away so it is not fair, for Elves, it is better for you to isolate and destroy things, to which the eagles help. There is actually a great tactica for Great Eagles on Ulthuan.net in their forum. All sorts of fun tricks.

Give the Archers a musician just in case. Quick Reform can be a life saver at times.

Otherwise I am not sure, I feel that 1500 points is not easy for Elves in general. I Might, and I mean Might, consider turning the Archmage to a mage to save points and switch to the Annualan Crystal for anti-mage. At which point I would switch to High Elf Lore or Light likely.

20-09-2011, 07:30
The list looks fine - do exchange two WLs for two additional SMs, and run the units 6x3 and 7x2...

20-09-2011, 16:05
I find it counter productive that you intend to put the general in archers, yet have Banner of Discipline with the spearmen. I'd prefer the flaming banner instead (preferably on archers but I see if you don't have points for it).

I would, as suggested, drop 2 white lions for two swordmasters, but I would also drop the command on the swordmasters and going two units of 7 for maximum damage output.

One eagle is plenty, and the RBT ads nice support. However, what you could do is drop BOTH the eagle and RBT, add a noble mounted on eagle with reaver bow, charmed shield and potion of foolhardiness, and of course some mundane equipment (costs a bit more, but you save some points if you drop command on swordmasters). This guy acts as a more survivable RBT AND eagle. He's better at all things those two do, except for redirecting perhaps.