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12-04-2006, 13:46
So I am creating a hive tyrant for my growing nid army. So far for the background here is what I have....


In the initial contacts with hive fleet kraken several reports surfaced about a creature that seemed to lead the smaller creatures. This one stuck out from the others in that this creature has a distinctive feature within the brood. This one apparently has extra plates of chiton on him as well as an injury to the right side of his head. You can actually see that down to what appears to be bone. I have found over 48 after actions reports listing this distinctive feature. One report in particular is from a Sergeant of the Usial campaign to take back the promethium refinery on P271.94. He states that he witnessed a creature of great size that seemed to lead the smaller creatures. A group of space marines from an unknown chapter had come to assist in the retaking of the refinery. During the battle the larger creature had stab a space marine clean thru with its blade and brought him close to his head to finish him off with chomp from his jaws. The marine took a plasma pistol and tried to shoot the creature point blank in the head. There was an explosion and bright light that filled the air. Apparently the plasma pistol over heated in the marines hand and blew apart. This in turn caused the creature to throw the marine away and for it to stumble back. When the creature came to its senses the right side of its face was missing down to the bone. Now this I believe was how “Bone Face” was scarred. Apparently in all the action reports pertaining to the creatures lead by it when a space marine is located “Bone Face” will not engage them. Instead he seems to send forth large Carnifax genus creatures or scores of Horgemounts. Apparently he has a fear of space marines or knows to stay clear of them. These trynids seem to prefer close combat in urban environments, ship boarding, and hive cities. We can only surmise that “Bone Face” is one of the first genuses of hive fleet kraken and his capture is essential to defeating the trynid menace.

And below are the WIP pictures I have of him so far. C&C always welcome.

Hideous Loon
12-04-2006, 14:09
Inspired, yet simple conversion. Putting Carnifex parts on a Hive Tyrant body... Who'd have thought of that? Great stuff, man. And that piece of fluff gives it extra justification.

12-04-2006, 15:43
like the fluff and the model. Nice work

Edit: the more i look at it the more i like it, its really a tyrant that looks evil.

12-04-2006, 18:19
Thanks, yeah I wanted to keep the conversions fairly simple and i did have the extra carnifax parts left over sitting around.

He does look evil but as I look at him today he looks like some kinda evil rollie pollie. I think I need to bulk out the lower portion of him, I am afraid now that he might look like a body builder when he is finished. But I might be able to to fix that by doing something big with the base.

I like my larger creatures to have alot of detail on the base and to be raised up so they stand out from the rank and file troops. I allready have my fex on a rock formation. Maybe have this one on a similar item and have an injured IG guy on the ground trying to hide uber the rock. Might have to work on that this weekend.

As far as weapons go I am going to give him talons and twin linked devouers. Any ideas on ideas for spruceing this up at all. I will also be adding tons of carapiece pieces from the gaunts box, talon protrusions, and maybe some type of chain on him(failed capture attempt).

Let me know what you guys think.

12-04-2006, 18:38
well my only advice at the moment is for the tyrant to take up space. by this i mean make the talons point outwards and the guns as well. It's a trick that spiders use to make themselves appear larger than they are which should work well to make an imposing model.

Edit: bulk out the top of the legs with carapace so that the model doesn't appear so top heavy.

12-04-2006, 20:08
Not sure about the "fearful nid" but still, cool fluff, and excellent model. Very well done :).


14-04-2006, 13:42
Well since the greenstuff had a chance to sit for two days I got a little more done on Bone Face. I added the arms to him, I did first put them on with the talons faceing outward but it didnt seem quite right. To be honest it made him look like some mad paracheteing nid. I even took an old pair from the warriors box and cut them at the joints to move them about. No joy there either, so I figured by putting the top arms(scything talons) pointing back, and the devourer arms faceing forwards and level that this looks like he is in a running postion now and is getting ready to open up on someone. I still have alot to go and still need to decide what to do with the base. All the gaunts i have for one of my homragaunt broods(28 of them) are based with a road top surface, and my carnifax has a rock and water on his base.

These will be on a display board/movement tray that will look like the swarm is running thru a suburban area. My lictor is on a busted wall piece partially camoflaged and I have another one that I will be putting on some stone walkway. So I can pretty much put this guy on anything. I was think of doing him on a low wall near the road wall leading the hormaagauns.

Anyways heres the pictures as well some pictures of the work area in the following post.

14-04-2006, 13:44
Heres the pictures of my work area.....not to clean right now.

The last picture is my bits box, I cleaned it out this last summer and got myself down to one big tote and looks like I need to clean it out again.

14-04-2006, 20:19
Looking good, and just a glance at you cabinets, I didn't realise you were the responsable for so much of the cool stuff on this forum, like the Valkarie (or whatever it's called), major kudos.


14-04-2006, 21:18
Looking good, and just a glance at you cabinets, I didn't realise you were the responsable for so much of the cool stuff on this forum, like the Valkarie (or whatever it's called), major kudos.


I dont know about cool stuff but yeah the Valkerie(SP) is mine.... although some people dont seem to like it. Anyways I recently got into the hobby maybe 4 years ago and have cleary spent way to much time and money on it. But it was better than my last major hobby. Gun collections are expensive.....its kinda nice when my friends are over for a game and I tell them what I just bought. There wifes or girlfriends allways say soemthing about how much I spend. But my wife is the greatest she just turns to them and says either I have "realtions with him alot" or he buys guns and ammo. And do you know how much ammo he would go through.:evilgrin:

Anyways thanks for the comments and I hope to have the base done this weekend.