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19-09-2011, 09:50
My LGC is running a tournament on the 5th November, here is my provisional List, 2400 points,all pitched battles.

Wurzag 350
Savage Orc Warboss, Armour of Gork 250

Savage Orc Big Boss (BSB),Tricksters Helm, Additional Hand Weapon 152
Level 2 Savage Orc Shaman with Shrunken Head 155
Snagla Grobspit 115
Level 2 Goblin Shaman + Dispel Scroll 115

20 x Savage Orc Big Uns with full command, additional Hand Weapon & Big Stabbas 275
20 x Savage Orcs with full command, additional Hand Weapon & Big Stabbas 235
6 x Spider Riders inc Musician & bows 94

10 Savage Orc Boar Boyz + AHW & Full command 235
5 savage orc boar boyz + AHW & Full Command 135

Arachnarok Spider 290


Any thoughts?

19-09-2011, 19:40
Way to many characters for a hord army. 20 Savages will do ok in combat but wont last if in a prolonged combat with say warriors, lizzies or most other Heavy combat troops. Boar boyz are ok but they will be stopmed by higher inish str 4 attacks and shooting.

19-09-2011, 19:48
Love the idea, however I dont feel the big stabba's will bring you much love where more savages will. For me, I agree with papabearshane and feel to much lord points - again more savages are your friend.

Not so sure of Snarla gobspit either, I feel he needs more spider friends to be more worthwhile if you really want to keep him

19-09-2011, 20:38
Waaaaaaaay too many characters.

Also, far too few bodies on the board.

19-09-2011, 21:13
agree with the others, too many points in characters, not to mention that it's short as you've got a lv2 sav shaman with s.head for 105pts.

snagla's not going to do anything with just 6 guys to run with. And you've got 8 levels of magic. drop both goblin chars and the lv2 upgrade on the sav shaman and you've got yourself 265 points to bulk out those units. if you haven't got the models then combine the two units (or go 30/10 split) and take something else, preferably a tar pit unit of gobs. also without snagla the spiders are probs a bit of waste, esp at 94 points, thats another 5 naked sav boars or 2x 5 wolf riders.

FC on 5 boar boys is a waste, run them without at 100pts, that's another 35 points to get more bodies. xhw on 10 boars is a waste as well since the second rank doesn't get the extra attack. also they've only got a 5+/6++ save and being a bigger unit will have to take more dangerous terrain tests at -1. run them with spears and shields for that (slightly) better save and higher strength on the charge. Maybe even think about just splitting them into 5s with the xhw no command and saving even more points to put elsewhere.

finally i think big stabbas on both units of savs is unnecessary.

finally finally, i'd re-look at the bsb's kit. also maybe think about running him with the boar boys to make sure they get re-rolls on restraining charges on his ld8. the combat blocks can use the lords ld9 and largely be ok. also you'll want to get the big block of boars into combat at the same time as the blocks anyway so they'll mostly still get the re-roll, if you're using them right.

19-09-2011, 21:25
No razor standard on the boars?

Other than that, I can only echo previous comments.


20-09-2011, 08:45
Many thanks for the input everyone. I do have to admit I wasn't overly happy with the list myself. Not so much too many characters but I agree its a lot of points, I can probably drop/change them. I will say that lvl 2 gobbo shaman was just to get 2 spells from the little waagh. To be honest it was him or the razor standard.

With regards to the spider riders the size of that unit has been chopped and changed ad infinitum (I'm sorely tempted to give Snagla a unit of 79 spiders just to see the look on my opponent's face when it springs up behind his army!) and it has suffered from this, I'l have to tweak.

I think the list has suffered from me playing with all the shiny toys you can give the savage orcs (and to a lesser extent the goblins as well) I'll tweak and put a new list up here, has anyone got any experience with running a horde unit of savages as an anvil with savage boar boys as a hammer, which is the idea where this list started from?

21-09-2011, 08:30
I have mused over an insane list overnight, opinions please:

lvl 4 Tooled up Gobbo shaman on Arachnarok 600ish
Snagla 114 points
Arachnarok 290
Arachnarok 290

that leaves 1220 points, a couple of random characters on gigantic spiders to harrass adding up to say 200ish, leaving enough points for the following unit (to go with Snagla)

70 spider riders with bows, spears, shields full command who can ambush.

Probably wouldn't win anything but deployment would be a giggle, 3 arachnaroks and a couple of gigantic spiders, opponent asks 'what about the spider riders?' I reply 'they don't come on yet' cue look on opponents face.

23-09-2011, 08:05
Revised list (again :P ) Changes are in bold....

Level 4 Goblin Great shaman, fencers blades and talisman of preservation on Arachnarok 590 points

General: Gobbo big Boss on Gigantic Spider, Enchanted Shield, Seed of Rebirth, Light Armour, Spear 94 points
Snagla Grobspit 115 points
Gobbo BSB on Gigantic Spider, shield, armour of Fortune & Spear 149

60 Spider Riders, short bows & full command (Snagla's unit) 870 points

Arachnarok Spider 290 points
Arachnarok Spider 290 points

So a total of 2398 points. Magic Light as there's only one shaman (he is level 4 though and knows the little Waaagh off by heart!). Everyone is riding some sort of spider so a theme (fluff will follow)


Oogie boogie boss
23-09-2011, 15:11
I've been a Skaven player for a good few years, and i've just decided to try something new. I wanted an army with loads of character and wackiness, things i love about the Skaven, so i've decided to go for a savage orc army. At the moment, the list ive got in my head for the future (way, way into the future) is:

40 Savage Orcs
40 Savage Orcs
40 Savage Orcs
40 Savage Orcs
50 Savage Orc Big'Uns
15 Savage Boar Boys
15 Savage Boar Boys
8 River Trolls
8 River Trolls
1 Giant
Assorted characters, all Savage.

Not sure whether i want an Arachnarok yet, but, as you can see, i want lots of big units of Savage Orcs, really going for a horde force. :D

However, not having played with orcs before, i was hoping for some tactic suggestions?

Oogie boogie boss
23-09-2011, 16:20
Also, re: chilledenuff's army lists- waaay to character heavy to begin with, not nearly enough orcs. In the new ed, with the emphasis on big infantry units, that army's going to get wiped by combat res. The Boar units (and i say this as a gamer with a penchant for big units) should be at least 10.
As for the spidery list, that sounds like a lot of fun. I recently played a 16,000pts Skaven vs. Dwarf game with some friends, and i had a unit of 60 Night Runners come on behind the Dwarf line. They routed and caught three units of Handgunners, destroyed 2 Cannon and broke a Hammerer unit. The power of a massed surprise unit is not to be underestimated.....

23-09-2011, 18:03
Yeah, to many POINTS in your lords and heroes.
keep the bsb and definately drop the 2 lvl 2s and snagla and use those points to better outfit your Savage orcs.

Have you thought about running a lvl 4 orc sham with LSH and Obsidian lodestone? T4 for absorbing shooting, 2+ward against direct damage spells. (yes I know purple sun/dwellers bellow ect ect) but still for 45pts that might see more orcs get to combat, but a fair arguement can be made for a dispel scroll so... Really a lvl 4 sham is going to eat all your dice cause you want every bonus you can get to get it off and not have it dispelled (why have more then 1 caster for a non storm of magic game?)

So i would argue for you to keep 1 caster and drop the rest. Wurrzag is ok, really a basic lvl 4 sham will do just as well as Wurrzag who has a fun fluffy spell but not really competitive (IMO) Baleful Mask (Do people still use bound spell items? lol) Bonewood staff, the magic resist 3 is covered with a lodestone, and rerolling miscast chart is just eh IMO. The squiggly beast is ok but typically i use all my dice or forget about it. It'll save you about 50 pts I know but hey, thats a troll or a gobo wolf chariot ;)

I would harecore argue you need atleast (bare minimum) 40+ Big Un savage orcs with AHW. No big stabbas as they are just silly. Cool looking silliness but silly all the same.

I would argue that 6 trolls are better than an aracknarok as you get 18 str 5 attacks vs 8 str 5 & 8 str 3/4 and its cheaper(!) (210 pts for 6 trolls vs 290 for another aracknarok = hey with the trolls i can add another gobo wolf chariot!)

I do think that 5 savage boar boyz with spears is all you need to get what you want out of em.

Hope this helps and good luck

23-09-2011, 18:26

4k list?
Have you looked at squig herd? They are considered infantry and you can horde them out for 40str 5 attacks.
I think gobo wolf chariots are easy to use as 50 pts for a d6+1 str 5 impact hit chariot is a steal.
Spear Chukkas are cheap and great for "safely" killing nasty things from far away. Good for round 1 - 2 and maybe rounds 5 or 6... For 35pts its easy to field and easy to earn points back with.

If you're heck bent on just trolls and savage orcs and are playing at that many points then I would suggest some Warbosses with giant blade/ogre blade for monster slaying/seige tank hurtin)

And keep in mind 18 trolls 6 wide is horde formation... 54 attacks with 6 stomps and for pesky high armor units like Knights thats 12 vomit attacks against 5 wide... Dead knights.

Im not a fan of the giant, its an easy 200vics to pick up as it's T5 is easy to shoot down and in hth it's very hit or miss.

Oogie boogie boss
24-09-2011, 15:55
Not sure about points for the list, i just think that would be the size of army i'd be happy to stop at. I do like the Wolf Chariots, especially the models, but i'm not sure they're 'savage' enough. Same with the spear chukkas. I like to go for themes in my armies, and i like the idea of a really low-tech, really aggressive orc army.
As for the Giant, it may not be as effective as the Aracnarok, but it think it would fit in with the 'blunt instrument' i want my army to be. Plus, their rules seem really fun.
I do want lots of River Trolls though, and the models are awesome. You're right, really effective against highly armoured elites, e.g Knights and Ironbreakers.
Squigs could also be good fun.


03-11-2011, 15:38
So a major rethink on this list, spiders only! The tourny is on Saturday and I'll have finished painting it tonight (hopefully!) but here is the final version of this list.... and not an orc in sight! Feel free to comment, good, bad or whatever!

Da Tribe Wot Ridez Spidas

The unimaginatively named tribe ‘Da Tribe wot ridez spidas’ hail from the Northwest of the Drakwald forest about 70 miles North of Middenheim. For many years the tribe, under the leadership of Snaggit Brainslurpa, were nothing more than an annoyance to the local farms and villages in their immediate vicinity. This was all to change in the year 2510 (Imperial Calendar) when the Shaman Venomdrinka joined the tribe.

Venomdrinka brought with him 3 huge spiders eggs that were to grow into arachnarok spiders. With these now fully grown spiders the tribe has quickly become the dominant goblin tribe in this part of the Drakwald. So notorious are these goblins that the goblin hero Snagla Grobspit has recently been seen riding under their banner having been promised vengeance on the men of the empire responsible for the destruction of his own tribe.

As the area that the tribe affects increases it has seen more and more conflict with the men of the empire, leading to many families fleeing to Middenheim to escape them.


Little is know of the early days of Venomdrinka. He wandered into the clearing where ‘Da tribe wot rides spiders’ were having a meal. He dropped 3 eggs at the feet of Snaggit and asked to join the tribe. Snaggit, recognising the eggs and the telltale signs of a shaman, agreed. The tribe hasn’t looked back since.
He rides upon the first arachnarok to hatch from the 3 eggs that he brought with him.
Level 4 Goblin Great shaman, fencers’ blades, Ironcurse Icon and talisman of preservation who rides on an Arachnarok spider
595 points

Snaggit Brainslurpa

Snaggit Brainslurpa is the leader of the tribe. He has been for many years and it looks like he will be for many more. His habit of stabbing the most belligerent members of his tribe with a poisoned dagger before plunging a sharpened hollow tube into their head and drinking the insides has seen to that. The only member of the tribe not terrified of him is Venomdrinka the shaman.
Boss on Gigantic Spider, Enchanted Shield, Seed of Rebirth, Light Armour, Spear
94 points

Snagla Grobspit

The infamous forest goblin hero has temporarily joined the tribe. Snaggit has given Snagla free reign in teaching the tribe his ambushing and stealthiness techniques, as such every spider riding goblin in the tribe is now an honorary a part of the Deff Creepers. This huge mass of goblins of spiders has sprung up behind a hastily organised army to wreak havoc on numerous occasions
115 points

Bastid wivflagg

Bastid is as close to a trusted lieutenant that Snaggit has. He carries a standard made of the remains of Snaggit's first spider. Reluctant to forget his first (and many say favourite) spider Snaggit had the legs, torso and head tied to a spear and used as a banner. After 15 years there isn’t much left but it still emboldens Snaggit and his tribe.
Secretly Bastid hopes Snagit will fall in battle and he can take over the tribe but he is too cowardly to actually do anything to make this happen
Goblin Boss, BSB on a gigantic spider, shield, armour of fortune & a spear
141 points

Deff Creepers

This elite unit has had its ranks filled with the majority of ‘Da tribe wot Rides Spiders.’ Snaggit is hoping that all the Deff Creepers tricks will be learnt before Snagla Grobspit loses interest and takes his lads elsewhere.
60 Forest Goblin Spider Riders, spears, short bows & full command


This was the second of the eggs to hatch and is the most violent of the 3 Arachnaroks. Venomdrinka says this is because Terrorantular is female and therefore more aggressive.
AracHnarok SpideR
290 poiNts

Goliaf Horse Eatin’ Spider

The youngest of the three. His name derives from the fact that the only prey he seems to consume is horse. The other 2 will happily eat almost anything but Goliaf only eats horses. A strange quirk but not one that upsets any of the goblins. They can always find a horse somewhere
AraChNarOk spider
290 points

Total: 2397 points.... and lots of spiders.

08-11-2011, 18:55
the unfortunate thing about grobspit is that other heroes can't join his unit. It would be awesome to put a couple of bigbosses on gigantic spiders in the front rank of the deff creepers.