View Full Version : Trying out email hammer

19-09-2011, 12:17
I have basically drawn up a board and stuff on paint and a key with units. Currently in the process of playing the game, hopefully in couple days i will be abe to post the full report but will do update as its going along... i have had first move so will post the first move update after my opponent has had his this evening. If this works i will be doing it more often, just something that means i can play between proper games as my mates dont have alot of spare time unfortunately :(

19-09-2011, 14:45
You would be better of trying universal battle, it's basically Warhammer over the net.


19-09-2011, 21:00
cheers will look at that when i get chance

22-09-2011, 10:16
A little off topic: Just out of wondering, have you tried this universal battle thingy? Does it work well? (and all the other questions which follow on from that).

I know a few people in the past have done email games and it's worked ok, obviously you have to be ready to fudge things around a bit because nothing's precise.

Interesting to see how it goes though

26-09-2011, 12:45
Finally ready to give this an update tonight. Busy week made the game last longer. Tried the universal one and did not like it. its nice to come to the game when i have the time, do my bit then await the same from my opponent. sometimes we cheated to get combat done bit quicker by phoning one another, but works fine just emailing.

Will update tonight when i get to my comp where i have the info for each turn saved. Was interestnig though i have to say.

It was my greenskinz against his high elves btw... Green skinz triumphant. but not an easy victory