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19-09-2011, 18:12
Bit of a spin off from Ogres on the Prowl here.

From my own experience, flank charges in 8th Edition are crucial to victory. Sure, the unit might well remain steadfast, but you quickly go from lots of attacks, to very few. Particularly for Ogres, this is a problem (especially as it's quite easy to deny my steadfast!).

So how best to do it? Well, I'm thinking of a sneaky evil 'you might well want to punch me up the bracket if I pulled this on you' type trick. Namely a single, 21 point Sabretusk on each end of the battle line. Looks fairly innocuous, and certainly isn't going to threaten much...but being a nippy little bugger, I should be able to quite easily position this incredibly disposable critter to outright prevent a unit from making a flank charge against my ogres. I need do is position Kitty in such a way that even when you inevitably scudge it in combat, it'll be at least a couple of turns (one to realign, the other to actually charge) before you can get stuck into the Ogres.

My only hestiance with this tactic is that it is pretty cheap, both in points and just generally cheap.

Biggest upswing of course, is that flanks thus protected (Kitty can march almost as far as the maximum Ogre charge reach!) I needn't worry about olbique angles when setting up the Ogres, allowing them a straight forward pell-mell dash to the dinner table (i.e. your line) from the get go.

So, critique this one if you please, and do post up your own tips and hints for flank guard.

19-09-2011, 18:29
That's an age old tactic called redirecting, works great on frenzied things. Look out for shooting, and magic missiles, as well and Calvary or other quick to move things. One of my old fave tactics with my old Vampire counts, is to hit the chaff, go way off course then just Danse my way into their back side (Sounds dirty). Beware, people will expect you to try and cover Ogre's long flanks, and be ready to counter. I simply tend to take a charge in the flank and counter charge. But then I used undead, so could count on them to stay put. I guess Crown of command could do the same thing.
Good luck and post battle reports

20-09-2011, 12:46
Going up against Ogres those kittens would be a target priority for at least a couple of my armies (elves) since I know I will have to hit you in the flank (not rear) to have any chance of winning combat.

Also S3 shooting cant expect to do much against the rest of the army so what other things are they going to shoot at?

20-09-2011, 20:04
do post up your own tips and hints for flank guard.

When playing Beastmen I run a Steadfast of Ungors on the flank. Chaff will never get through it and even scarier unit will chew on it for at least a couple turns. Make sure it's close to the General's LD bubble though.

My other flank has two Tuskgor Chariots as a pair. Allows me to lead with one if I am facing something that will charge and probably beat the chariot or I can try to get the charge with both.

I also run a few more support units (lone Razorgors, 6-man Harpies) to help out.

20-09-2011, 21:19
This. Although I run a unit of four Minotaurs w/ additional hand weapons and musician on my other flank instead of the Razorgor chariots, I will occasionally use a tuskgor chariot (or three) to support them if I feel the situation warrants it.

Like popisdead said though: make sure those steadfast ungors are within range of the general, because they will take a LOT of casualties and need that leadership.

Grey Mage
20-09-2011, 22:40
Salamanders, Razordons, 10-15 skink skirmishers....

Great ways to cover the flanks of a marching lizardmen force.

the gribbly
21-09-2011, 01:19
This is a completely fair and viable tactic made famous by the humble great eagle. Theres nothing wrong with it and actually I used to feel this was really just the very beginning of 'advanced' tactics, or now the remnants of tactics that used to exist. Long story short its completely acceptable brother and certainly expected.

21-09-2011, 21:54
Although I run a unit of four Minotaurs w/ additional hand weapons and musician on my other flank

I have had good success with 4 Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons on the flank and monster hunting. I plan to start doing the same with 4 Minotaurs w/ GWs. S7 on Multi-wound is pretty good even if they are lacking armour.