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19-09-2011, 22:55
I played a STOM tournament and as fun as it was, it clearly is not a tournament game due to all the randomness and how the game can change so drastically with the casting of a single spell.

Nothing wrong with having a fun game here and there but after it was all over I left the tournament feeling like I had had less fun rather than more after playing 3 STOM games rather than 3 normal warhammer games.

Game 1 was vs dwarves that took TK allies.
The dwarves had +3 to dispel from heroes which seemed to combine with the +4 from the allied caster for a +7 to dispel combined with basically as many dispel scrolls as they wanted. I went from a losing 0 fulcrums controld and 1 by the enemy to 0 by the enemy and 1 by me with a cast of dual in the last turn.

Not a very exciting way to go from a major loss to a major win.

Not really a STOM issue as such more like old book not synching with the new rules, in that new armies are limited to 1 dispel scroll.

Game 2 vs orks. Opponent brought 11 mages? with the spider that gave channels on a 4+, fun game but the same thing happened, whether it was a major loss or win wa determined in the last turn with the outcome of a few dual spells.

Game 3. on turn I cast dual (see a trend?) and take dominance. I had 19 casting dice to my opponents 12 dispel dice.

I had the +5 to cast from the spinning table as well on 1 of my slanns, I cast 3 shadow spells, 2 death spells, 2 duals, 2 unbind monster, these cost me 13 dice leaving me with 6 and my opponent with 0.

I then cast the dominance spell from the lore of shadow and the game essentially ended on turn 1. As they cannot be scrolled my opponent really had to save pretty much all his dice for this spell or let it go through (slann will cast on 6+1 dice with +9 to cast with the right spin which I had)

I cast with over 30 in power.

Now his whole had ld1!!!!

a unit of skinks killed a cannon and made 1k worth of units run on 1 side of the army, 2 units of salamanders panicked a few more units on the other flank.
His 3k army was down to about 1k after that spell was cast.

In the end I played 3 games and none of them felt all that exciting. I might have just had a bad run but I really don't think so.

Duals will always be very powerful and dual + warmachine/shooting unit combo will be killing mages turn after turn. Every army can and will be using the same tactic.

Some of the catacalysm spells are over the top, I get that that is sort of the point but game winning spells are a tad much.

19-09-2011, 23:02
Just from observation of local SOM tournies it just isnt that type of game, nor should it be. Heck even normal warhammer is not really a tournament game (in the sense of fair balanced gameplay).

Its still fun to go out and play multiple games against people you aren't familiar with though, and that's why I like the notion of tournaments even though the game balance is flawed.

To make the setting a little more legitimatized for SOM you would need set scenarios that don't allow first turn charges (in my opinion). While its fun to get into carnage there is just too much emphasis on deployment or at least more than normal. Fun game though.

19-09-2011, 23:22
I would be interested in a SoM tournament but I wouldn't expect it to be balanced in any way and I would expect whomever has Lore of Shadows and the Deadwood Staff in the best capacity (looking towards Dark Elves) to win.

20-09-2011, 07:26
If players play the extremely poorly balanced basic WHFB game at tournaments, I'm sure they could play SoM with very few changes. I'd probably up the cost of the shadow cataclysms by 5, life presence spell by 5 and the metal presence spell by 5, limit DE casters to max 8 dice and ban a few magic items from the armybooks. You could possibly cap mages to, say, 8 or something; I wouldn't cap it too low, because as much as the massed cheap casters are a pain when they are channelling, they are dreadful on top of fulcrums.

But aside from a few minor niggles, SoM is a far better balanced game than standard warhammer. At least every army has the tools to win the game. That's certainly not always the case in standard games and standard missions.

20-09-2011, 09:24
PS - the TK +4 to dispel wouldn't stack with the Dwarf bonus to dispel - one or the other!

20-09-2011, 10:33
I think dwarves lose their dispel bonus if they ally with another faction who has a wizard. I dont remember if this was in the 8th or 6th ed rulebook though, but I think it was in 8th.

20-09-2011, 11:10
Yeah, it's in the 8th edition book. The bit about Dwarfs dispelling. As soon as there is an allied wizard they lose their dispelling ability as the presence of the wizard messes with it apparently.

Spiney Norman
20-09-2011, 11:26
Yeah, it's in the 8th edition book. The bit about Dwarfs dispelling. As soon as there is an allied wizard they lose their dispelling ability as the presence of the wizard messes with it apparently.

I think they still get the additional dice afforded them by runesmiths/lord though, which is what I think the OP was referring to. If he was taking into account the dwarf's natural +2 DD then bringing only 1 runesmith to a SoM game was maybe a little magic-lite