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20-09-2011, 06:46
As the title says im new to WoC but also new to warhammer.

I have looked at all the armies and found that WoC is the closest army that i think i would like to play, this is based on the look of the models along with what i hear about there playstyle.

what i am wanting to know if its viable to have my army made up of mainly chaos warriors, chaos knights some generals (not daemon ones), and artillery, being hellfire cannon.

I basically want my army to be mainly made up of men that look the same so i dont want marauders or trolls/hounds (although i might take hounds for keeping warriors safe) etc

I mainly want to play for fun but would also like to win, i guess what im asking is, is it viable to have a chaos army using only chaos warriors, chaos knights a hellcannon and 1 or 2 generals/wizards?

20-09-2011, 06:52
Perfectly. I came 4th at a Tournament recently with the following
Level 4 Tzeentch Wizard on Disc
Battle Standard Bearer
18 Khorne Warriors with Halberds
20 Chaos Warriors
19 Chosen
7 Warhounds
2 Warshrines

Lost one game out of six to Mindrazor Dark Elves.

It hits very hard, but it's important to bear in mind you'll be outnumbered, outmanoeuvred and out-deployed lots.

I didn't use Chaos Knights but I did miss the pace of them.

Hellcannon is amazing.

20-09-2011, 06:56
Awsome well ive ordered a few bits and peices so far, be good to see how they go in my first few games.
What tactics would i use with a setup like yours but with chaos knights aswell.
as i chose my army based on looks not really sure what kind of tactics id be using :3

20-09-2011, 07:05
To be honest, at least to start off with, put the hardest unit in your army in the centre of the board, in my case my Chosen, and push your army into things.
Magic is key too support and soften up units, you'll want a Level 4 Wizard on Tzeentch or Shadow.

With Chaos Knights you'll want at least 6-7 to ensure you get enough into combat, they do tend to attract a lot of fire. Don't take Lances on them, really not worth it.

If your new to the game I'd recommend 7 Knights with the Mark of Nurgle and the Banner of Rage, lots of attacks and pretty resilient.

Warriors work best in one of two setups.

20-24 Warriors with Mark of Tzeentch and Shields. Tough, with a 5+ Ward Save in close combat, and they fight alright. Use them to hold up scary enemy units and to hide your Wizard in.

18-21 Warriors with the Mark of Khorne, Banner of Eternal Flame, Halberds and Shields. 7 wide, this unit throws out 28 str 5 ws5 attacks. Use them to kill Monsters and infantry, they'll go through most things like a hot knife through butter.

Hellcannon can do 2 things. Soften up infantry units like Black Guard or Swordmasters that even Chaos Warriors are a bit wary of, or drop rocks on Monsters heads, str 9, d6 wounds does this rather well.

Also, take the Infernal Puppet, best 35pts you'll ever spend.

20-09-2011, 13:04
too bad you don't like marauders because 30/40 with light armour and shields combined with the mark of Tzeetch make a nice and Cheap (!) combat unit.

knights are a must, i never leave home without them. although i'm not too keen on 7 wide, i get the idea behind it -they indeed attract almost all ranged attacks present on the board- i personally prefer playing with 2 units of 5. the main reason I choose for 5 is because 2 x 7 drains too many points :P.

As for how to play with the knights; i used to run them down the flank for a long time (this worked for my HE dragon princes....). but i quickly learned that people tend to avoid knights given their reputation. depending on how mobile/shooty/heavy on magic your opponent is you can also decide to put them right in the middle of your army, right in the centre where they are almost as good as garanteed to make it into combat with something important and expensive.

and even though you may not like them most, hounds are pretty great at dying to protect your expensive and important units so you might want to give them a second thought :P

20-09-2011, 13:25
I agree that hounds are a must have in a WoC army. they provide a lot of the things the rest of the army is lacking.

A sacrificial unit to provide hard cover against shooting

something to redirect or block unwanted units from reaching your lines

A cheap unit that can give you a couple of extra drops when setting up the game

and finally you really dont want anything else to get close to night goblin fanatics...... (well possibly chosen with a 3+ ward but I still prefer hounds)

20-09-2011, 21:05
what i am wanting to know if its viable to have my army made up of mainly chaos warriors, chaos knights some generals (not daemon ones), and artillery, being hellfire cannon.

It's very good. high init, heavily armoured troops, good support units, scary monsters.

20-09-2011, 22:09
All of those units are very good and will make for a very small, but hard hitting force. That is the nice thing about Chaos Warriors, they are an elite, small army that doesn't take a lot of models to get going, but it offers a lot of conversion opportunities.
Hounds would be a very good unit for you to add to the force for all the reasons others have mentioned: A cheap drop at the beginning to help you get your other hittier units across the field from more favorable matchups; hard cover against missle units for your units that are behind them, warmachine hunters, and sacrifices against things like fanatics and mangler squigs.

Have fun!! I know that I certainly enjoy playing with my Warriors.

colonel kane trine
20-09-2011, 22:16
Have you thought of what gods you like?
Would you want to be mono god or mixed?
How are you at conversions? I know that you said you new to warhammer but does that mean totally new or your a 40k player whos decided to play fantasy?

20-09-2011, 22:45
I run a "Full-Plate" army and feel so much more confident knowing that everything, apart from the Hounds, in my army has at-least a 4+ Save (and a Ward save of some kind).
Blocks of 15-18 Warriors are a perfect way to go and you won't find a more reliable Core unit in the game. Especially if you equip/mark them appropriately.
Despite what many think about Cavalry in 8th Edition, our Knights still brutalise enough stuff to make them worthwhile. Chosen are my favourite unit in the entire game - Background, Models, etc are brilliant, and they are an utterly deadly unit if backed with a Warshrine and have the "Usual Setup" of items which I am sure you will figure out.

I still take atleast 3 units of 5 Hounds. They are incredible value for points and give valuable screening/cover to your more important units. Just do what the book indicates that they are for....Send them out, take the arrows and bullets, and maybe get a kill or two.

colonel kane trine
20-09-2011, 22:50
I find hounds useful to babysit khornate warriors until I want them to frenzy charge.

21-09-2011, 00:19
Have you thought of what gods you like?
Would you want to be mono god or mixed?
How are you at conversions? I know that you said you new to warhammer but does that mean totally new or your a 40k player whos decided to play fantasy?

Well i collected a woodelf army about 3 years ago had read the rulebook but never actually played a game (which is why i stoped i guess).
Not sure about wich god(s) i like but i dont think id have a problem choosing mixed. And when you ask how i am at conversions ill asume you mean using the green stuff to change a models apearence, otherwise i have no idea what you mean.

if you do mean that i havent done any conversions at all but i feel i wouldnt be to bad as im crafty with my hands.

Also thanks for all the info everyone who has posted here, i was on the fence about using hounds but i think i shall go ahead and order some now :3

Thanks again.

21-09-2011, 09:44
I must add another post to say how useful hounds are. I properly used them in my last game for the first time.

Created a humorous situation in which my mate (who plays high elves) forgot that you could flee from charges so charged his swordmasters in to a unit of 5 dogs because they had the flame banner and would cause the dogs fear.

This left his swordmasters showing a juicy flank to my marauders. Happy days