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12-04-2006, 16:50
This is the start of my new 40k project - preparing Inquisition forces for the Medusa V global campaign. I say it's a 'new' project, but it's kind of an interim one, as I'll be finishing off my Fire Storm Marine army afterwards. Then it's Lost and the Damned... :evilgrin:

Any-hoo, I've already got some Inquisition forces painted, including this Grey Knights Squad (I've had these 3 years):


... and 2 Storm Trooper Squads, a Callidus Assassin, and an Inquisitor & Retinue (I'll post pics of these tomorrow).

The army I want to put together will eventually have THREE Inquisitors (one for each Ordos), and I'll put together a different army list for each of them from the units I've painted. In the meantime, as well as the forces I've described above, the following need to be painted:

- Death Watch Kill Team (which includes 2 Heavy Bolter Marines & 2 Veterans, not pictured)
- Another Squad of Storm Troopers
- An Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (which I converted from a Necromunda Van Sarr leader)
- a Preacher with an Eviscerator
- Inquisition retinue minis
- and a Culexus Assassin.

Que group shot!


Then there's stuff to be purchased and/or constructed:

- An Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor (I just need to finish the conversion on this one)
- ANOTHER Storm Trooper Squad
- Two Imperial Guard Armoured Fist Squads (which I'll be converting, and am currently gathering the parts for)
- and a Leman Russ Tank!

So that will keep me busy for some weeks to come... I will post the full list of what's in the army at some point if enough people bug me to!

13-04-2006, 12:02
Looking good!

13-04-2006, 13:40
Thank you, Spongebob! Hope you like these too. No time for any real painting today, as I've had errands to run this morning then dissertation stuff to do this afternoon (and that's more important at the moment than painting Minis! :rolleyes: ) Here, as promised, are some pics of the units I currently have painted for this Inquisition force. To start with, a Callidus Assassin which was 1st painted 5 years ago, then given a bit of re-painting (mainly the weapons) a few years ago:


Next we have an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, Lorovan Shadow, and his retinue - these were started nearly 3 years ago, finally completed over 18 months ago now:


...and here's Inquisitor Shadow's back, as I was quite pleased with how I'd managed to get the shading on the cape to work out in places:


Continued in next post...

13-04-2006, 13:41
Finally, we have two Storm Trooper squads. The first was painted 3 years ago, the second started shortly after but completed at the same time as Inquisitor Shadow. As I was going for a 'covert/night-ops' kind of look for these I painted the weapons and all their hi-tech looking gear black, with subtle grey highlights. After varnishing the mnis, I painted some watered down gloss-varnish on the weapons and Carapace armour in an attempt to suggest they're metal which have been painted dull colours so as not to reflect light... anyway, here they are:


If I've time later I'll see if I can start putting together the Leman Russ tank. Otherwise, that'll be it now until Tuesday...

Till then, enjoy! :cool:

Warboss Garfang
13-04-2006, 14:46
Pretty cool, 3rd edition stormtroopers are the schiz, and I like your color scheme.

14-04-2006, 02:22
Here I am buggin you to post your list! It looks like it may be similar to my Inquisitional army that is on hold for the moment. I too am using the 3rd. Edition Stormtroopers, have a single squad of Grey knights and plan on adding a deathwatch Kill team.

14-04-2006, 15:11
Seeing as you asked so nicely, Codsticker, here it is! Naturally, I won't be using everything at the same time, rather I'll put together 3 different lists, between the Ordos. I'd like to put some Flagellants and Penitent angines to go with the Witch Hunter and preacher, but I think my painting schedule's full enough as it is... :D

The Conclave of Mach’Velaan

Medusa V Inquisition Task Force

HQ: Lord Inquisitor Hawke (259 pts)
Master-crafted Bolter-stake Crossbow Combi-weapon, Master-crafted Power Weapon, Inquisitorial Mandate, Power Armour, Purity Seals, Rosarius - 175 pts
Acolyte (w/Brazier of Holy Fire, Bolt Pistol) - 19 pts
Sage - 10 pts
3x Warriors (Grenade Launcher, Flamer) - 55 pts

HQ: Brother-Captain Hermes (111 pts)
Master-crafted Nemesis Force Weapon, Psycannon Bolts, Grimoire of True Names, Destroy Daemon Psychic Power

HQ: Death Watch Kill Team (395 pts)
Librarian Tu’Raan (Lightning Claws) - 125 pts
Veteran Brother Duthor (Power Fist) - 55 pts
Veteran Brother Gujornsson (Power Weapon) - 45 pts
6 Space Marines (2x Bolters w/Suspensors, Inferno Bolts) - 170 pts

HQ: Preacher (65 pts)

Elites: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lorovan Shadow (191 pts)
Master-crafted Anointed Weapon, Bolter-needle pistol combi-weapon, Bionics, Grimoire of True Names, Psycannon Bolts, Refractor Field, Word of the Emperor Psychic Power - 120 pts
Sage - 10 pts
3x Warriors (Grenade Launcher, Flamer) - 55 pts
Familiar - 6 pts

Elites: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Valgerian (161 pts)
Master-crafted Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Refractor Field, Word of the Emperor Psychic Power - 80 pts
2x Sages - 20 pts
3x Warriors (Grenade Launcher, Flamer) - 55 pts
Familiar - 6 pts

Elites: Callidus Assassin 120 pts

Elites: Culexus Assassin 105 pts

Troops: Storm Trooper Squad 145 pts
Veteran w / Plasma Pistol, 2xPlasma Guns

Troops: Storm Trooper Squad 150 pts
Veteran w / Plasma Pistol, Bionics, 2xPlasma Guns

Troops: Storm Trooper Squad 131 pts
Veteran w/Bolt Pistol, 2x Meltaguns

Troops: Storm Trooper Squad 136 pts
Veteran w/Bolt Pistol, Bionics, 2x Grenade Launchers

Troops: Imperial Guard Armoured Fist Squad 100 pts
Veteran Sergeant w/Bolt Pistol, Lascannon, Grenade Launcher
Chimera Transport 113 pts
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Hunter-killer Missile, Track Guards, Rough Terrain Modification, Smoke Launchers

Troops: Imperial Guard Armoured Fist Squad 114 pts
Veteran Sergeant w/Plasma Pistol, Lascannon, Grenade Launcher
Chimera Transport 113 pts
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Hunter-killer Missile, Track Guards, Rough Terrain Modification, Smoke Launchers

Fast Attack: Grey Knight Teleport Attack 170 pts
Justicar Joachim (w/Psycannon Bolts), Incinerator

Heavy Support: Leman Russ Battle Tank 188 pts
Lascannon, Heavy Bolters, Hunter-killer Missile, Extra Armour, Rough Terrain Modification, Smoke Launchers

So that's everything! I think that I'll use the Armoured Fists as core, so I can take the Tank - useful but of fire power! Everything else will depend on the size of games, and what army I'm playing against.

I also did a bit of Tank making last night - it's been years since I've had a go at making Leman Russ tanks, I'd forgotten what a pain doing all the tracks is... :rolleyes:

14-04-2006, 16:11
That army looks like it should be both a lot of fun to play with and against.

18-04-2006, 16:48
I've been on a bit of a downer today, had a couple of pieces of unwanted news, so I've not really felt like doing much, really. :( Bad for my Dissertation, bad for my painting projects!

I did feel inspired enough to chip away at a couple of things. Firstly, I've been working on a Leman Russ for this Inquisition army - not quite finished yet, and held together with blue tac! I need to get a few more bits to complete it, but here's where I'd got to Sunday afternoon:


Today I had a go at converting some Colossian Guardsmen, which will be part of the two Armoured Fist squads attached to this army. So far I'm using Catachan Legs arms & Lasguns, and Cadian Tank Crew Torsoes - They look a bit wierd at the moment, but they are definitely wip - lots of green-stuff sculpting to do on these before they're counted as finished! (Clue - think Berets ;) ):


Back tomorrow, when hopefully I won't be feeling so down, and will have done some painting (possibly a Storm Trooper-or-two)!

18-04-2006, 16:58
Elites: Callidus Assassin 120 pts

Elites: Culexus Assassin 105 pts

Sorry to be a pain but are you using two army forces as Withc Hunter Codex has Officio Assassinorum Operatives as 0-1 selection ?

18-04-2006, 18:23
Don't worry, I won't be using EVERYTHING all in the same army! :D

I'll split it in to 3 different lists, each reflecting Ordo Xenos, Malleus (which'll both most likely have access to the Callidus) and Hereticus (which'll get the anti-psyker Culexus, surprise surprise!)

20-04-2006, 15:55
Update time...

Today I started upon the next squad of Storm Troopers. I was kind of reticent about getting started with these because it's been a while since I'd painted the previous two squads, and they seemed to take me ages to get through. So I was expecting them to be a bit of a slog... how wrong I was! I did these three in just over 2 hours. :eek: I only stopped because my bottom had started to ache because of my painting stool... :p


They're not totally finished, they need spraying with varnish, then I'll add gloss to the weapons, carapace, and targeter lenses. Oh, and put some flock on the bases to give them a bit of colour.

Back next week when I'll be carrying on with these... if I have another couple of afternoons as productive as today I'll soon be moving on to the next squad - thinking of one of my Inquisitors and their retinue, or maybe the Death Watch Kill Team. Hmm... :eyebrows:

20-04-2006, 18:46
Looking good. Keep up the good work


20-04-2006, 20:19
Things are looking good Firestorm. Sorry to hear you had bad news, never a good time for that is there.

If you don't mind me asking what Uni do you go to? If indeed its in the UK, lol.
Are you going to have any other vehicles other than the one Russ in this force?

20-04-2006, 23:09
I'm at Chester University - well, for 5 more weeks - then I'm done (thank ----! :p )

The Russ will be joined in the tank-y stakes by two Chimeras for each of the Armoured Fist squads. These will be the only tanks, as for some reason I get bored of painting tanks, and find it easier and more interesting to paint lots of infantry... :wtf: Unless it's Epic, then I can bash out a couple per hour! :D

24-04-2006, 16:28
Today I painted two more Inquisition Storm Troopers and made 3 more Colossian Imperial Guardsmen. I'm not going ot post pics of the latter for a while until I've finished the conversion on them (requiring some greenstuffery) - I'll include a tutorial, incase they actually turn out to be anygood! :p Anyway, here's the next two Storm Troopers (set camera to blurry, Captain! :D )


There are another 5 Storm Troopers to do on this squad, then I'm not sure whether to do my Death Watch Kill Team, or an Inquisitor and retinue... any requests? :cool:

24-04-2006, 18:41
Yeah- Deathwatch Killteam as I'm going to be doing one for my Inquisitional force once I'm done the Desert project.:p

24-04-2006, 21:17
Second the Deathwatch, not seen many around, so be good to see one being created.

25-04-2006, 09:15
Thanks for your requests! I'll be doing the Death Watch then :D

They're already made, I did them last sumer, but since then they've been sitting around in a box waiting to be painted. Here's part of the team:


The Kill Team also features these Marines - Heavy Bolter dudes and a couple of Veterans. I just have to decide which Chapters they belong to... (I've already decided upon a Raven Guard, Ultra Marine, Crimson Fist, Space Wolf... but what next?)


I'll be starting them later this week - I'll finish the Storm Troopers, and do some Epic Tanks, first. :cool:

27-04-2006, 16:35
Can't quite get on to the Death Watch Marines yet as I've still two more Storm Troopers to finish, but this six from Squad A1 are finished:


I varnished up the ones I'd painted over last week and the beginning of this week on Tuesday afternoon. After spraying them, I add very watered down gloss to the weapons, then not-quite-so watered down gloss to the Carapace armour, then two coats of un-watered down gloss on the sights, targers and lense peices. Essential for that luminous effect! :D

Yesterday afternoon, after painting some Epic tanks, I did another, and today I did another:


The one on the right is the one I did today, and upon uploading this pic on my computer I noticed something wrong with it - rest assured I'll be sorting it out, but kudos to the first person who can spot what the mistake is...

Also, my apologies for the way my camera seems to only have one setting - dark and blurry!

I now have two more Storm Troopers to do, then I'll get on to the Death Watch Marines - but seeing as I'm back at uni next week, with 3 assignments to start working on, I don't know if I'll have any time to paint... :(

27-04-2006, 17:20
very nice! I've always had a soft spot for those storm troopers

*is the mistake that you put no camo on him?

27-04-2006, 19:47

Not least of all because he sent me bits to convert my Colossian Guardsmen Armoured fist squads from... ;) (I'll start work on those in the next 2 weeks, btw...)

Yes, indeed, I actually forgot to put the 8-or-so stripes of camo on the fatigues. As I said, I will be rectifying this...

28-04-2006, 00:42
Lookin very good firestorm. very nice indeed.


28-04-2006, 03:58
The Kill Team also features these Marines - Heavy Bolter dudes and a couple of Veterans. I just have to decide which Chapters they belong to... (I've already decided upon a Raven Guard, Ultra Marine, Crimson Fist, Space Wolf... but what next?)

I would go for a coulple of lesser known chapters maybe?

How about 'Scythes of the Emperor' (Nid hunters to boot!)

Also maybe a 'Howling Griffon' or 'Executioner'?


28-04-2006, 16:40
Ooh, Executioners sounds good - what's their Chapter Symbol? I think I'll make the Power Fist veteran standing on the 'Nid carapace an 'Emperors Scythe' (so to speak) for the reasons you've stated...

And I may well have to make one from my own Fire Storm Chapter - nowt like a bit of nepotism! :p

So how many's that? I make it 7 out of 9 - so two more chapters to find... :eyebrows:

28-04-2006, 17:03
Imperial Fists could also add a Deathwatch member... Salamanders as well... just to flesh them out... White Scars... just pick a couple from the codex painted pages.

10-05-2006, 19:11
Just thought I'd update this thread, although unfortunately there's no pictures :( this is for a couple of reasons, which connect to each other:

1) I've not done any painting of late, which is because

2) I've been swamped under with Uni work - dissertation + 3 assignments all due next week and week after.. nice :cries:

I have, however, been on a spending spree (god bless Student Loans Company! :D ) and bought the 4th and Final Storm Trooper Squad, and 2 Chimeras - so I can put together the Armoured Fist squads for this army. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post pics of my converted Guardsmen for these, as they'll require a fair bit of Green-Stuffery - and also I want to post a tutorial, so it'll be a good 2-3 days of converting/sculpting to get these done.

But because of Uni work, I doubt I'll get round to that for another two weeks.... :(

I'll be SOOO glad when I'm done at uni - then it's big style painting time!

14-05-2006, 17:13
At last, I can update with some pictures - and this one is for the tread-heads out there! Here's the first of two Chimera's with Heavy Bolter instead of multi-lasers:


The conversion is one of those 'it doesn't look totally perfect, but it will do the job' type-of-things. It's a heavy bolter from the IG Heavy Weapon teams sprue, put on to the multi-laser mount of the chimera turret. When I make the next one I'll do step-by-step pics; not that it's so difficult no one will work out how to do it!


I'll try to get some more modelling and/or painting done this week, but with my dissertation & one other assignment due in this week (as well as two others by the end of the month), I think my time will be spent doing those.. :cries:

god octo
14-05-2006, 18:07
the modified turret looks great, as well as the whole army. it should be a scary sight when its finished

15-05-2006, 02:01
Sweet turret!


02-06-2006, 23:23
Hello, time to drag this thread out from under the mound of dust which has accumulated on it! Due to getting my assignments finished and exam revision, I've not had any time for Three weeks to not even do so much as touch a miniature... But yesterday I had my last exam, so I have now finished Uni! (YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!) :D :D

So today I set the whole day aside for painting - I did some Epic Tanks for my Guard Army, and these three Storm Troopers, who now only need a bit of gloss varnish on the carapace/targeters and some flock grass on the bases:


So that means I've one more squad of 10 Storm Troopers to paint, then it'll be on to the Death Watch Marines. If I've time between doing that and (hopefully) working next week, I'll have a 'Green Stuffery' day and do some converting work on the Colossian Imperial Guardsmen for the Armoured Fist squads (adding berets and stuff).

Till then, enjoy! :cool:

06-06-2006, 15:51
Right, a change from painting Storm Troopers, today I continued working on the Colossian Imperial Guardsmen for the Armoured Fist Squads. Firstly, I made two Lascannon teams (the guardsmen aren't yet stuck on, but will be when they're all painted); then I made a start on the Green Stuff work to finish them off. Today, it was the Berets. When they're all finished (still quite a bit more to do) I'll post a tutorial showing how I made 'em... anyway, pics:



There's still a bit more to be done on these, so tomorrow (unless I get called in for some work) I'll carry on; if not, I'll do some more painting - I can't wait to get the last dozen Storm Troopers done so I can get on to the Death Watch Kill Team!

07-06-2006, 15:39
Today I continued with the 40k Colossians - I started the Green Stuff sculpting on their sleeves (which, when finished will - hopefully! - look like they're rolled up). I did one shoulder on each Guardsman in one of the squads - I'll do the other side tomorrow as I didn't want to put my thumb in what I'd already done... nothing is more irritating! :skull:


Tomorrow, it'll be more sculpting, I'll do the other shoulders, then the same on the other squad. This is why I decided to do 2 armoured fist quads as Inquisition inducted forces, rather than a full army of Colossians - it's quite time consuming doing all the sculpting on these! :rolleyes:

08-06-2006, 21:20
Quick update, did some more sculpting on the Colossians, I hope to have a few of these finished off tomorrow (provided I don't get called in to work!). I also made another Chimera, pretty much the same as the first. Acoutrements will be added after being sprayed & base-coated (y'know, Rought Terrain Mods, HK missiles, yadda yadda):


Although it's not that difficult to work out how I did it, I'll include a short tutorial on converting the Heavy Bolter turret when I post the tutorial for Making the Colossian Guardsmen. When I've finished some of them! :rolleyes: :D

09-06-2006, 15:42
Another quick update - carried on with the Colossian Guardsmen, finished sculpting the arms on one squad. All was going well until the last two, when the Green Stuff decided it was going to stop cooperating with me, only sticking where and in what shape IT wanted :wtf:

Just a bit of touching up in some of these models, filling gaps with GS & adding embellishments like ammo clips on their belts, etc. I also need to think of a small, simple symbol to stick/sculpt on the Berets. Anyway, here's a preview:


If I can't get time to finish a couple today, I'll carry on with them on Monday.

09-06-2006, 19:04
these guys remind me of the old old storm troopers


10-06-2006, 14:44
Yeah, they were partly the inspiration. If I'd have done these minis 10 years ago, I'd have used the old Metal Cadians and swapped their heads for the old Plastic Storm Troopers... it'd be FAR too expensive to do that now - hence I'm using mostly Catachan parts.

18-06-2006, 20:30
Right, I've been called in to work this last week, so not as much time for painting/model making. I did manage to get one squad of Colossian Imperial Guardsmen finished:


Some detail shots - Lascannon Team:


Grenade Launcher:


Other than that, I did a bit more to the other Squad, and painted the grand total of 1 (yes ONE) Storm Trooper. Only 11 more to do...

18-06-2006, 22:51
May i ask quite how many tank sprues you got hold of in order to get the chest for your troops? If you work on 2 or 3 per sprue, thats a staggering amount, even given a mechanised force!

19-06-2006, 20:14
May i ask quite how many tank sprues you got hold of in order to get the chest for your troops? If you work on 2 or 3 per sprue, thats a staggering amount, even given a mechanised force!

The trading section of this forum was a big help there! :D Especially as I've only bought 3 tanks for this army ;)

19-06-2006, 20:17
Those guardsmen look cool, not to keen on the sandbags though, look more like gant jelly beans. Unless that is what they are supposed to be.

19-06-2006, 20:31
not to keen on the sandbags though, look more like gant jelly beans. Unless that is what they are supposed to be.

They might look a bit better when there painted though. Oo, do me a green one.. :p

24-06-2006, 18:35
Yeah, they're a bit featureless - I could've done with a reference point when I made them, but I rushed them.

I will use a bit of texture in the paint when I come round to doing them, to make up for their featureless-ness.

But before I move on to them I've got to finish the Storm Troopers - I finished another one today, so that's 10 to go... :rolleyes:

25-06-2006, 02:48
The berets look good except that they could need some more folds and dynamics. Otherwise IMO its looking quite good.