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20-09-2011, 14:50
Never thought I would start one of these threads. I have been a very comfortable (if not competitive) 40k player for the best part of two decades and while I dabbled with WHFB when I was young it was only ever to the level of buying the odd spearman box set to paint.

However with a partial Online gaming addiction put firmly on the wagon, I thought now was as good a time as any to have a proper crack at a fantasy army.

With 40k I try to build any new army to a very specific theme and, if possible a very different play style to anything I have done before. There is usually a model or two that forms the basis of this theme and which I will include regardless of effectiveness (as I said, I am not overly competitive)

The models that triggered this move to WHFB are the Empire Iron Sides Forge World have recently released. I love them and would very much like them to form the backbone and theme of my army.

To this end I guess it’s a Nuln army and as such will be all about the black powder. What I need from you is a place to start. Apart from the Rule book and Empire book, what is the minimum I need to get into learning the rules and to build up from?

I will be up at Games Day this weekend and will hope to bring back at least the basics.

As always, thanks for any and all advice.

20-09-2011, 17:23
For Nuln Core, you'd be looking at Handgunners and Halberdiers. Handgunners for the black powder, and the Halberdiers because they "are the most common of Empire troops". Engineers for your Characters, with maybe a Captain or two. Then War Machines for the rest and to taste. Nuln's relatively easy to theme.

20-09-2011, 17:58
Welcome to Fantasy, there seem to be a great number of threads about people coming from 40k to fantasy. This is a good thing. Good luck!

20-09-2011, 18:39
Glad we have another convert :)
Just a word of caution: black powder weapons are move-or-fire, so a nuln-themed army can quite easily turn into what warhammer folks call a gunline; if you take too much static shooting, you leave yourself no option but stand there and blast until the enemy reaches you. It doesn't normally make for the most fun games. If you're going for this theme, i'd make sure a good portion of the models are still non-shooting.

20-09-2011, 18:50
Welcome fella - enjoy the ride :D

As you have been around wargaming a bit I'd be tempted to say get the book first and have a read before buying anything as it gives you a chance to design some armies.

Empire Battalion is a bit of a money saver and has some good units in it including handgunners and melee state troops (you get to choose). You can convert a character or just buy a wizard or general box. Again getting them online saves more money.

Empire armies are huge fun, can be abused but not as bad as other armies, and will be a great learning curve.

20-09-2011, 19:22
Agreed, a static gun line isnt going to work for me, although as I say I would very much like to have hand gunners as the missile units. Maybe look at softening the oppo up a bit then have some hard hitting stuff to go in for the kill? Not even sure if thats a viable tactic...hehe, forgot what its like to start over. Will pick up the book and see if I can make any sense of it.

I appreciate the advice, I guarantee I will be back for more!

20-09-2011, 21:25
outriders and or pistolier guys work well for nuln :) and very flexible

20-09-2011, 21:35
A moving gun line is quite fitting, Alternate moving blocks of Gunners flanked by Pistoliers and Outriders with swift moving helberd regiments to move ahead and hold up incoming enemy regiments.

20-09-2011, 21:49
Dependin on your finance situation, I would highly recommend ForgeWorld Empire Ironsides command and conversion kit for hadgunners, I own he models and I have to say they are excellent in detail. This can be said about their Manannīs Blades set, which is superior to anything in current Empire range (but for its price however)

Which, If you are used to painting nice detailed miniatures can be a quite problem with empire, because most of their plastic range except from greatswords,pistoliers, flagellants lacks the detail unfortunately, they are IMHO very plain and dull (IMHO their dress has details like F1 mechanicīs overalls) (Yes I have seen these miniatures in person, all of these)

Not mention to say, that the empire cavalry are terrible models, old and outdated, many players are waiting for the new ones (but it is like waiting for Godot...:D )

Again if you have some cash and want it really nicely, check the gamezone miniatures empire range, very nice empire range they have.

And for an Empire player, be prepared for skulls, skulls and many more skulls as an inevitable fashion accessory of every Empire miniature from GW, because as we already know, Khorne is dictating the fashion trends in Empire :D:D )

21-09-2011, 09:54
The Iron Sides will have to be purchased, this weekend if possible. Stunning models and very much the look I am after.

Those models from Gamezone are fantastic although, rather ironically, I am not that keen on their standard knights. The General looks great as do their Pistoliers and Outider equivalents but not so much the knights. Not a worry, I am not a fan of knights and lances that much anyway, so they were never going to by high on my list; although it would seem I am going to need something along those lines at some point. Might be a good conversion project?!

Very keen on the whole renascence(ish) look of the Empire at the minute and certainly represents a different challenge to my last two armies, Tau & Space Wolves.

Getting a little excited now, I love the build up to a new army.