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20-09-2011, 15:41
I'm really keen to revive my undead for 8th edition.

At the moment I'm thinking a liche (Vampire Lord).
Support from several necromancers.
Several skellie blocks.
Small unit of ghouls.
Couple of dire wolf units
Block of mummies (grave guard).

Can this bad at fighting good at ressing model work these days?
What's the best way to run skellie blocks? Most of mine are hand weapon and shield....

I've seen people pull big wins with ghouls and vamps, I know these work but please, I want something that works reasonably well within my theme!

20-09-2011, 16:26
Personally, if you don't want to use a horde of ghouls, I'd say to leave them out entirely. You can play, and win, with skeleton blocks. If you're going to play that style, remember that the skeleton's job is to hold up a unit while the grave guards kill stuff. A properly setup and supported guard block should be able to mince pretty much anything (other than extreme examples like warded-up Chosen) in short order. Raise enough skele's in each block to continue to tie units up, use summoned zombies on the flanks to tie up and redirect enemy blocks, and roll units up from the flank with your guards. This works great with a caster-setup Vampire and some Necromancers, as you propose to use.

21-09-2011, 18:26
Thanks, I think I'll give it a go.
Is it best to stick with the vamps lore for the extra ressing or go for forbidden lore to make a unit more Killy?

Also, would my supporting necros be better on foot or is it worth investing in a couple of carts?

21-09-2011, 19:26
I, personally, wouldn't ever take a Necro on a cart (under the current rules anyway). He gets no real benefits, is much easier to see/shoot at, and if he dies the cart is subject to a monster reaction test. I pretty much always field at least a couple of foot Necros in my VC lists, almost always with Danse as their spell and carrying whatever Arcane Items I decide to tote along (generally a Dispel Scroll and the Staff of Damnation). Having reliable access to Danse your blocks goes a long way towards making them more effective.

For the lord, the answer isn't as clear-cut. I generally go with the Vampire Lore, as Summon Undead Horde can be a game breaker for its cost. I go full casting setup with him, and give him the Helm of Commandment to park behind the front lines, usually in a small block of skeletons. With this setup, I concentrate on buffing WS on whichever unit needs it most (usually the Grave Guard, to hit on 2+ with the +hit banner, but occasionally to minimize losses in a skeleton block) and raising back combat losses. I include a couple of Vampire Heroes with Forbidden Lores if I decide that I really need the boost. That said, Dice are always at a premium, so put some thought into how much you want to invest in magic for boosting units when you aren't sure how often you can afford to use it.