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20-09-2011, 16:12

(1) An initiative test for Great Maw hits dead on a Rune Anvil of the Dwarves, it's crew and Character. Does the Anvil fail automatically? If the anvil takes 6 wounds from the spell, does that kill the crew? Do I only test against the crew? or the anvil and the character? I am uncertain how to apply it in this instance, or with the Cauldron of Blood.

(2) If a cannon hits a unit of Bulls, and would go through it, yet does not kill the first Ogre, is the cannon stopped at the first model not killed?

(3) If a Dwarf Runelord dies in the magic phase, are his 2 dice removed from the Dispel pool?

(4) If a character attached to the Cauldron of blood is within 3" of a Spearman unit, would the character get a 4+ Look Out Sir roll?

Any polite replies would be greatly appreciated

20-09-2011, 16:30
Here we go awwwyeah

1) These things are designated as warmachines, a single model. As such, it fails initiative tests automatically, so takes the D6 wounds. Typically the wounds remove crewmen/guards first and then the Runelord. So if it does 1 wound, 1 guard dies, 2 wounds, both guards die, 5 wounds = whole thing dead.
2) That's right.
3) Nah, you generate dice at the start.
4) Nope, cos the character's unit type is "warmachine" in this case, so it can't get look out sir from infantry.

20-09-2011, 16:41
Great, Thank You Tregar.