View Full Version : 1250 Dark Elf list.

20-09-2011, 16:22
Supreme Sorceress lvl 3
+Pedant of K. (for miscasts) Dark star Cloak 285

+BSB, Hvy Armor, SDC, Enchanted Shield. Talisman of Endurence 148

20 Corsairs 250
+FC Frenzy banner

11 RxBowmen
+Shields, Musician 126

5 Dark Riders
+RXB 117

20 Black Guard
+FC, Bunch of Murder 320

Total 1246

Getting back into fantasy, a small list to help me get into 8th ed.

20-09-2011, 16:56
Not a bad start.

If you can, adding a unit of 15 warriors and swapping the Darkstar Cloak for the Sacrificial Dagger (+1 dice per spell instead of just +1 dice per magic phase) would be a nice addition.