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20-09-2011, 20:59
Teclis- Lore of Light- 475

Korhil- 145
Noble- BSB, Great Sword, Dragon armour, radient Gem, Lore of light- 169

Lothern Seaguard x 47 - 636
Full Command

Swordmasters x 21- 345
Full command

White Lions x 20 330
Full Command

Phoenix Guard x 20 405
Full command
Skein Sliver on champion
Banner of Sorcery

Total 2500pts

The idea is, the army is generally small enough to get +2 for first turn. Teclis will fire off pha's prot and then either a boosted sig spell or banishment depending on what I'm against, If theres no shooting agaisnt em, a boosted timewarp to ensure the whole army hits combat turn 2. In following turns, he'll do boosted versions of both Pha's prot and speed of light, so most things are hitting the army on 6's in combat

Radient gem on the bsb is to bump banishment up to S5 (bit iffy on this item really, not sure if I want to swap it out for somethign else). He will generally be in the horde unit of seaguard, along with teclis.

Not really sure why I decided on Korhil really, he usually gets the job done though.

The seaguard horde was mainly just an experiment to see how well they'd work (which is fairly well so far)

Phoenix guard are for tanking units.

Swordmasters for taking down mid armoured units. Ranked 3 x 7

White lions for taking out heavier armoured stuff, I'll usually stick timewarp on them for the extra attacks if they need it. Ranked 3 x 7, Korhil leads them.


21-09-2011, 08:41
Scary list to come up against...

21-09-2011, 08:56
not really that hard to beat, only real issue in your entire army is Teclis.

The big huge block of seaguard will be a massive attraction to magic, the cunning player will know to smack the **** out of the white lions and swordmasters, throw chaff at the phoenix guard to redirect/pin them personally i would love to fight this list with my own 2500 points High elves would be a fun time

lvl 4, shadow, seerstaff
lvl 2 high anulian crystal
lvl 2 fire dispel scroll

4 rbts
2 eagles
10 reavers
24 seaguard
21 white lions

and some other such stuff like some archers etc