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21-09-2011, 08:26
So, one of my empire tiles has been cut off from the rest of my empire by the evil vampires. I thought it would be cool to play the heroic last stand scenario from the BRB.

I get 1500 to his 4500, with very little space between us in deployment (8 inches away from me in the middle). I'm not allowed buildings (unless ruined) though I do get to set up the board. There's no % restrictions for me either.

I'm at an absolute loss as to what to take. If I survive to turn 5 I get a draw so I don't even have to kill anything, I just need to be alive.

His list will be tons of characters, 2 terrorgheists, several zombie, ghoul and skellie hordes and a GG horde probably sprinkled with a varghulf, black coach and maybe some knights.


Lord Solar Plexus
21-09-2011, 14:40
I'm afraid I don't see how you could possibly make it to turn 3 under these conditions. That's just too skewed to offer anything but an overwhelming massacre. You would have to have a couple of turns of shooting in a normal game to give your infantry any chance, which you won't get, no buildings makes assaults easy, with a 3:1 numerical superiority you will lose most fights and won't be steadfast, his combat characters will make short work of yours and he will probably be assaulting from several angles.

With that out of the way, I suggest several warrior priests, perhaps even going so far as to leave out any mages. This can enhance your infantry blocks' fighting prowess to some extent, soulfires aren't too bad and you get a chance to become unbreakable. Take the VHS along, so that you can keep one guy relatively safe. Put a cheap General behind your lines to keep Ld 9 for as long as possible. Only take missile troops or WM if you can be sure to get first turn or if you can convince your opponent to give you a building.

Other than that, I suggest Swordsmen and Greatswords for a defensive setup. A Steam Tank would go a long way to stop one of his units dead in its tracks and cause a traffic jam as the other 4k points try to get around to your smaller numbers but it's a big investment in 1,500.

21-09-2011, 15:36
Life wizard, VHS, ward save

50 free company+WP+crown of command
40 greatswords+WP

Thoughts on that?

26-09-2011, 10:06
1 Archlector on War altar & 4 Steamtanks

26-09-2011, 21:22
Well we just played the game and i'm proud to say it was a draw, I survived until turn 5 which was incredible.

I took a death lord with van hortsmanns and a ward, a warrior priest with 1+ and dawnstone w/ great weapon and a BSB with flame banner. Cannon, mortar, 40 halberds, 40 greatswords and 40 free company.

The scenario allowed my army to be unbreakable within my deployment zone (an 18" square centre board)

Key points:
The halberds killed a terrorgheist and held up a skellie horde with 2 vamps, a black coach and a varghulf for a whole 2 rounds of combat!

The free company killed a tooled vamp lord on dragon, that was insane.

Death wizard pwned another vampire in combat.

The mortar crew almost beat a massive unit of dire wolves in combat.

The greatswords slew 40 skellies in one round including crumbling.

The warrior priest held up a 1000pt unit of grave guard complete with tooled lord and wight king BSB. He challenged and got accepted by the wight king and held him for 4 rounds of combat until turn 5 giving me a draw!

Epic game =D

27-09-2011, 22:22
That actually sounds like a fun scenario :) Being unbreakable would make a very big difference.
The 'no restrictions at all' thing is odd though. As above, 4 steamtanks? Or nothing but combat characters?