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21-09-2011, 18:26
Total: 2995

Night Goblin Warboss - 155
-Armor of Destiny, Fencer's Blades, The Other Trickster's Shard

Night Goblin Great Shaman - 275
-Book of Ashur, Talisman of Endurance
-lvl 4

Night Goblin Shaman - 125
-Channeling Staff, Talisman of Protection
-lvl 2

Night Goblin Big Boss - 107
-Enchanted Shield, Talisman of preservation

Night Goblins - 294
-48 Night Goblins w/ full command, spears, netters & 3 fanatics

Night Goblins - 294
-48 Night Goblins w/ full command, spears, netters & 3 fanatics

Forest Goblin Spider Riders -160
-10 riders w/ spears and full command

Forest Goblin Spider Riders -160
-10 riders w/ spears and full command

Bolt Thrower - 70
-2 bolt throwers

Squig Hoppers - 180
-15 hoppers

Squig Hoppers - 180
-15 hoppers

Troll - 105
-3 trolls

Snottlings - 150
- 5 Bases

Arachnaroc Spider - 290

Arachnaroc spider - 290

Doom Diver - 160
-2 doom divers

comments, questions, criticisms? its a list made for fun, not competition.

22-09-2011, 03:00

I will only talk about units that I have personally played before and feel I have a good understanding of how they are on the field.

So when the new army book just came out I was an arachnarok fanatic! And I thought the magic mushroom ability was freaking awesome! However, after running them for around 10 games and finally getting crushed 3 games in a row at a tourny I realized a few things. Aracknaroks being str 5 and 290 points is really a huge point sink for a unimpressive monster. Everytime Ive fielded it Ive been really happy and impressed with its manuverability but the combat side of the house has been insanely disappointing.

The magic mushroom is really cool except when you roll a 1 and break your concentration... Then dice get flung, oaths are taken to the dark gods and then your O&G army gets put into the trunk and you just pull your daemons out and have fun with it.
I love trolls (as long as they are near your general haha) so I run em 3 wide 2 deep so i can maximize dmg output.
Im also a fan of Doom Divers, the D6 inch redirect is awesome.
Im not a big fan of cav anymore since you need a second rank to disrupt enemy ranks and with just 10 all he needs do is kill 1 and ding, his rank bonus is returned. As harassers well, redirect charge bungles that and it being a gobo unit that flees can cause other gobo units to flee....

I think taking another look at your BSB would be in order. I understand making a BSB as unkilly as possible is a thought, but for a gobo unit, the Bad Moon Banner is hard to pass up.

Finally, I have had INSANE success fielding 40 Savage Orc Big Uns with additional hand weapon and a lvl 4 orc sham with shrunken head and Obsidian Lodestone. But I can understand why you dont as it seems your doing an all gobo theme army (which I understand why, Im just throwing out a IMO best O&G unit)

22-09-2011, 07:44
I like the list, I would change the bolt throwers for a rock lobba though, but that's a personal thing. The arachnaroks are in support of each other? 2 charging in to a unit can do a lot of damage:16 poisoned s5 attacks, 16 ws2 s4 attacks and then 2 thunderstomps (unless one is really unlucky and dies)

22-09-2011, 09:15
First things first, out of principle and logic and everything, I'd get rid of the talisman of protection (it'll save your wizard once every 3 games on average!).

Second things second, with that number of squig hoppers, where's the big boss on a giant squig? The ability to re-roll random movement is massive, especially if you have units that big.

24-09-2011, 16:00
thanks guys for all the input, i will most definably make some arrangements. in particular though sssk, should i just take out the lvl 2 wizzard and add the big boss?

24-09-2011, 21:33
Urm, you could do.

I have a very... "unorthodox" approach to night gobbo shamen (shamans?) which I won't preach about here. Suffice to say, in general if you only have one magic user, if his unit fails animosity, that's magic gone for a turn. If you have a lesser shaman too, at least you can do something (unless both fail animosity, which isn't too likely), even if it's not as powerful (though the mushroom dice should at least partially make up for being a lower level caster).

So I like having a few shamen kicking about the place just in case. Personally I just use 4 (or so) level 1 shamen, on the basis that the mushroom dice (on average) makes up for their only having +1 to cast, and it means one miscast usually won't mangle my plans too much, and makes me immune to broken concentration. Also if push comes to shove, you have a load of 50 point units which you can chuck in the way of stuff (eg to stop a last turn charge by a deathstar unit from actually killing much, or to re-direct stuff). Obviously the lack of +4 to dispel can be a problem, but hey, what're they going to do? kill goblins?... meh... go for it.

Also, clearly you aren't going for the extreme super death army here, but you might find that spiders work better A) without full command (waste of points) and B) in 4 units of 5.
This gives you plenty of opportunity to redirect stuff, means you can run them in pairs so that when one fails animosity at an inopportune moment, the other can step up to get in the way, and gives you more targets for the enemy to shoot at.

That would also give you artillery, snotlings, and 4 units of spiders to deploy (ie 6 deployments) before you actually place something of worth. I like to do that with wolves, pump wagons, single trolls etc. Against armies like Warriors of Chaos it's relatively easy to have them deploy their whole army, while you've deployed a few hundred points of random rubbish. Then you can line up your important units in favourable places at your leisure.

EDIT: I just noticed, after saying I wouldn't preach about the level 1 shaman thing, I then proceeded to preach about it... ah well, that's goblins for you, always go back on their word