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21-09-2011, 20:13
Slaughtermaster, level 4, hellheart, talisman of preservation, rock eye = 385.

Bruiser, BSB, ironfist, armour of destiny = 179.

Core Units.
2*17 ogre bulls, ironfists, *2 standard bearers, *2 lookout knoblars = 1118. (6*3)

Special Units.
*8 maneaters, brace of ogre pistols, heavy armour, stubborn, scout, standard bearer, dragonhide banner = 588. (4*2)

*4 mournfang cavalry, heavy armour, ironfists, standard bearer, banner of swiftness = 305.

2*2 sabretusks = 84.

Rare Units.
*2 ironblasters = 340.

= 2999.

Models 50 + 2 war machines.

21-09-2011, 20:44
I like it, I like it a lot.

Any particular reason for stubborn on the maneaters? I like it for insurance if roles go bad for one combat but I think they would do better with sniper. Just a personal preferance as I think the stubborn-scout combo awesome but I would do it with more combat oriented weapons which come cheaper then the pistols.

Only thing I would really change is that instead of taking 2 units of 2 sabretusks, I would take 4 units of 1 sabretusk. In units of 2 I would be able to kill one and then cause a panic check. With their low leadership and their inability to use inspiring presence and hold your ground they are likely to flee. In units of one the same shooting would only cause a panic check if they are within 6 inches of each other. It would also give you greater flexability in redirecting/tieing-up/speed-bumping as you would have 4 potential units to do it with. Also you would be able to screen your maneaters if you wanted to protect them from shooting with only 2 sabretusks instead of all 4.

21-09-2011, 22:45
I like the list because you have 2 hard wound filled blocks, and 2 hammers, plus support fire and hard to kill characters with antimagic.

But I agree with morax, that splitting the sabres will be more useful, both in deployment and panic checks. Plus it is nice when opponent shooting blocks overkill a lone sabretusk because they have to direct all attacks against the same unit.

I think this list is all about the magic standards.
I wonder if you would be better off with some ironguts instead of the second unit of bulls and take the standard of discipline on them and place the slaughtermaster in that unit. It is an interesting move putting the dragonhide banner on the maneaters rather than mournfangs, but I would only do that if you take swiftstride. Otherwise it is too difficult to guarantee the charge. I think dropping scout wouldn't hurt, because in general 3k battles wont give you a great place to put scouts. You might also just give them the standard of discipline, stubborn, and swiftstride/poison and keep the ogres.
If you drop the dragonhide from the maneaters, you could put it on the mournfangs and really benefit from the reroll of armor saves of 1, as well as the 8in movement and swiftstride, increasing the chances of getting those charges.