View Full Version : Thinking of starting Lizardmen, are they worth it??

21-09-2011, 23:36
Hi guys,

before posting here, I tried to read that thread: Want to start a new army? Have some questions? Then read this first! But the link in it to all the armies is not working. Even the search engine is down so I am asking you guys.:mad:

I have an opportunity to start Lizardmen and I want to know of they are worth it?

What are there strenght and weakness?

How do they come up in shooting and close combat?

What about magic?

That kind of stuff.

Thank you!

21-09-2011, 23:41
Lizards are pretty much the strongest army in the game along with Dark Elves and Skaven, they do every phase very well, they're very reliable and they have very few bad match-ups.

22-09-2011, 00:01
They are very solid, especially the Slann Mage Priest. As tmaririchards says, they are one of the few armies that competes really strongly in each phase. They are very mobile, and have plenty of combat punch. Backed up by the Lore of Life or Light, they are very hard to shift, and Cold Blooded makes them very resilient to psychology, whilst still leaving options to flee.

Not too mention it's an army of Dinosaurs, that has some Dinosaurs riding bigger Dinosaurs. What other reason do you need?

22-09-2011, 01:04
Lizardmen have awesome models.

They are great because it doesn't take much painting skill to get them decent looking, but have the potential to be stunning if you have the talent.

22-09-2011, 03:32
Lizardmen are also very fun to paint, if you like the fluff (most important in the long term) then you will be happy with how they play.

Slann = best non SC caster in the game, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

22-09-2011, 04:08
OK, that sounds nice!

But point wise, how do they fare. I mean how many models can I have in a 2K battle. More like elves or similar to human or beastmen, etc.

I do like the idea of multi dinos in an army!!:D

22-09-2011, 04:23
Depends on what kind of army you want to build with them.

I've looked at the lizards for a while myself. You need a Slann in a competitive army. Then a block or two of Saurus or Temple Guard. Then a whole bunch of skinks if you want to shoot. If you'd rather not shoot, more Saurus. Or a Stegosaurus with a ballista on it's back.

For a 2K army, you could go as low as about 50 models (maybe even lower, that's just a guess), as high as 150 models. Depends on what army you want to build. :)

23-09-2011, 21:12
I have an opportunity to start Lizardmen and I want to know of they are worth it?

Only if you want to win :p

What are there strenght and weakness?

They have a very well rounded army that has a lot of strengths through the range. Really solid combat troops (that can be buffed to surpass broken), cheap troops for Steadfast, big hitty monsters.

How do they come up in shooting and close combat?

They have amazing flank support (salamanders and razordons) poison shooting that takes down high T low save monsters. Again, really solid CC.

What about magic?

For what you get Slann really have it all. bounce the first miscast, screw enemy mages (not as well as hellheart though), ethereal, any lore, BSB, high T, ward, lots of wounds. I cannot see a down side to Slann coming from Beastmen/Wood Elves.

Hope that helps. Take a look at Lizardmen lists to see what they are doing and how they play as well as the critiques on them.

24-09-2011, 17:07
Lizardmen. My second fantasy army. And possibly my favourite! They have few weaknesses should you cannily select your army list. They have an excellent array of affordable combat troops, and whilst these won't out-do those of armies like chaos warriors alone, they cost significantly less points and can be fielded in larger units for that all-important Steadfast bonus. They have some very useful tactical choices in the skinks- which can be truly astonishing monster hunters (try throwing a few against a giant)- and the various hunting packs, but where they truly excel is in the Magic Phase. Slaan are the best wizards in the game; there is almost no other sorceror (apart from Teclis, obviously) that can challenge them on sheer power, efficacy and utility. Toy with the lores and disciplines available to you to find your favourite combination- they really are very versatile. Of course they have weaknesses (lesser armour, relatively slow etc.), but they will make a strong army for the skilled player. I would try to convert you to the Tomb Kings faith :) but if you want to choose Lizardmen, then you have made a viable choice indeed.

24-09-2011, 17:47
Before all the new Ogre Kingdom stuff came out I was interested in doing Lizardmen for all the reasons that have been pointed out, they're also very forgiving if your not a master painter... like me :p I also love the fluff, just need more money so I get do both armies