View Full Version : O&G 2500 list rough draft

22-09-2011, 18:49
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my list.
This is a rough draft that I came up with this morning and Ive got some areas that I will point out that I dont feel to strong on and would very much like feedback on. Of course all feedback is welcome so please, if you see something go ahead and comment (its all food for thought anyway, eh?).


Savage Orc Great Shaman
+lvl 4
+Lucky Shrunken Head
+Obsidian Lodestone 300pts

Orc Warboss (kind of shaky on his load out)
+Armour of Destiny
+Sword of Might 237pts


BSB Black Orc (I think I should rethink the banner he takes but...)
+Banner of Eternal Flame 143pts


50 Savage Orcs (Im not willing to budge on this, Ive had way to much success with a nice big block of savage orcs)
+Big Uns
+Additional Hand weapons
+Full Command 585pts

40 Savage Orcs (Im definately thinking about dropping this unit and rolling in 1-2 40 N. gobos spears with nets and fanatics (5 wide 8 long) instead of this unit)
+additional hand weapons
+Full command 395pts


4 gobo spear chukkas 140pts

N. Gobo squig herd (30squigs, 13 herders) 279pts

3 gobo wolf chariots (deployed individually inbetween the big blocks of infantry) 150 pts


6 River Trolls 210pts

Im also seriously thinking about dropping the orc warboss and some other things to field 18 trolls (cause OMG that would be awesome and fun for me)