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22-09-2011, 19:54
say a unit can shoot 12"
say an other unit (cavalry) charges 15"

i have heard different rules played out

1: normal stand and shoot

2: the charge starts outside max range and the reaction comes before movement is rolled so no shooting is allowed

I opt for rule NR. 1 which seems logical, more time to shoot the enemy since they are further away

22-09-2011, 19:57
Shots are made when they are within range of the shortest range weapon doing the S&S.

So yes you get to shoot.

22-09-2011, 20:13
'A Stand and Shoot reaction can be declared against an enemy unit that starts its charge outside the firing unit's maximum range
- the shooting is resolved normally assuming the enemy is just within maximum range of the shooting unit's shortest range weapon.'

- Page 17 of the Games Workshop, Warhammer 8th edition rulebook, bottom left corner.

22-09-2011, 21:35
thats was all i needed to know

22-09-2011, 22:51
Seeing this question I wonder what if at the same time as this a second charge is declared on the unit from lets say 6 Inches away...

Would the unit be allowed to use stand and shot at the 15 away charger or go to close combat right away?

I assume no Stand & Shoot like this

22-09-2011, 23:25
All charge reactions are declared BEFORE any actual moving of units take place.

In the example you give, the unit being charged would have the option to Hold/Flee/Shoot against both chargers.

The limitations are:

You can only make one stand and shoot action. So you would have to pick which to shoot at.

If the closer unit (in 6'' say) is closer than its base movement, then no stand and shoot reaction is allowed.

If the unit at 6 inches away was knights, with move 7 then the unit being charged could only choose to hold or flee as a reaction to that charge.
But at the same time, could choose to hold, flee or stand and shoot against the unit further away.

If the base move of the unit at 6 inches away was only 4, then the unit being charged could choose to shoot at either of the chargers.
But only once, and in the order the charges are declared in.

Very similar examples are given on p18 of the rulebook.

23-09-2011, 04:08
It is also about what order your opponent declares his charges-

In the above situation hopefully he declares a charge with the close unit first to try and deprive you of stand and shoot, however, if the unit from far away declares a charge first and you announce that you will stand and shoot, and another similarly far away unit declares a charge next against the same movement, you can now not say, "Oh, wait I want to stand and shoot against that other unit."

Hopefully this makes things clear

23-09-2011, 15:50
should be sufficient thanks for the clarificasion.